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September 2013



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Um...guess what....the prodigal returns.

Um, guess what...

He's been living up the street for almost a month...turns out we actually had a call from the guy who thought he had him a few weeks ago. He'd said he'd call back but never did; he'd lost our number. I have no idea why they decided to try again, but they just drove up with him this evening...

I thought I'd looked everywhere!

Actually, it has been A Day.

All day long.

The Family Drama continued with renewed vigor, and J. tried valiantly to deal with it...God save us from dementia.

And we shoe-horned in other complications here and there with my business, orders, jobs, juggling, all between phone calls...

Then a while ago we got a call that while his mom and her caregiver had gone to visit Dad at the nursing home (he had a stroke in February), their house was broken into. Someone used one of the garden tools to break two windows in the attached garage and steal some things...guess they'd been watching her schedule, which WAS way too regular.

So there were all the additional calls back and forth, trying to find out what happened and if his mom's OK; she insists in staying in the house tonight, and it's worrisome of course, though the windows are repaired and the garage is padlocked...

And THEN the people show up with Frick. Yes, it's really him...we looked at his markings and there's no doubt in the world. He'd apparently hidden in the sewer for two days; they found him July 4, and he disappeared from here July 2.  (Think we ought to change his name to Gypsy, or Vagabond, or, as J. says, "Rover"!)

After a bit of hissing and spitting, Squirt seems to recognize her brother--they're playing, just like they used to. I hope he calms down a bit, though! He's the growly one now...

And so my poor exhausted husband has gone to bed.

As Miss Scarlett always said, "Tomorrow is another day...if I think about it today I'll go crazy!"


I'm glad he's home. I'm sure your heart is lighter for it.
I think so, sweet Ladye! The timing is not so great, things are pretty stressy, but it's a great relief to know he's OK!! I was a bit teary...
aw! I'm so glad he's back :-)
Thank you sweet thing! I'm just relieved he's OK and appears to be fine. It's obviously been kind of a rough month for him, too. *G*
and we now sing the first chorus of "the cat came back"...

i'm glad your set is complete once again. i hate it when one piece of the collection goes missing!
I KNOW that song, girlfriend! It is maddening to lose part of a set, and they are being SO cute together...
Ah, glad to know Frick aka 'Rover' made his way back home.
God save us all from dementia, yes please! I'm sorry so much is still going on and the stress of dealing w/ it cross country. Mike's mom lived close to us but I think we spent as much time on the phone dealing w/ issues as being at the nursing home.
Hugs and good thoughts to you all. I'm glad to know Rover and Squirt are reunited.
We do dread the phone's ring, it's true. We appreciate the good thoughts--I know you understand. And glad the little goofball's home, too! We're wondering if he ever sleeps!
I'm so glad the little adventurer is back even though I know there will be an adjustment period for you all. So sorry to hear about the continued family stresses, dear Miss Kate. Hope the weekend offers some relief.
Hi Miss Laura! Thank you, I'm sure it will be better...Frick, A.K.A. Rover, has calmed down and is back to his purry self, mostly. It's SO cute to see the kittens together...much playing going on!

I'm really glad J's mom was all right, and not home during the burglary...I'm sure they have been watching her schedule of going to see Chet at the nursing home. She sounded good last night...

I don't even KNOW how many phone calls there were yesterday!


Well, bring on the Fatted Calf or Tuna-- So glad that Rover is home! And what a relief and a real blessing that Joseph's mother is safe.
Thanks, Annie, fatted tuna sounds about right. *G*

Sounds like mom was a real handful with the police! She's just the one who could be that, too!