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September 2013



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Lost and found...and lost again

The Frickerdoodle went missing again yesterday...he was here in the morning before we went on our errands, and hasn't been seen  since.  He and his tiny brother Frack (I think his name should be Fractious) were almost inseparable, and as kateslover said in his blog last night, the little guy appears to be looking all over for his missing sibling. 

At least he's stopped crying constantly...ever noticed how that's almost as contagious as yawning?

Frick was SO friendly that I'm just sure he followed someone or let someone pet him and they took him home.  I've canvassed the immediate neighbors with no luck...

You can see who's the adventurous one...although they'd BOTH follow Joseph wherever he went, like a pair of puppies.

I HATE having outdoor cats.  Not going to do that, ever again. 

And yes, of course, Frack's an indoor kitten now...I was going to see that they both were, on the 4th, because of losing them last Friday when we had fireworks. 

Wish I'd just done it THEN...

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i surely hope that the little miscreant shows up again, or at the very least has the good sense to pick out an excellent place to be.

it's always the not knowing that's the hardest...
Thanks Miss Abbie. We're both pretty blue...thank God no little kitty bodies on the small state highway or any of our side streets.

But YES, even so, I hate, hate, HATE not knowing. Want my kitty!
I am so sorry to hear about this! I hope he saunters home soon.

(P.S. my maiden name was Fricker!)
Thanks, Natalie, me too...and what a coincidence!
Please check the window wells anywhere he may roam. A few years ago, my cat fell into a window well of a neighor's house and was stuck their for several days. I hope you find him.
Thank you, that's a good idea. I have been looking around the neighborhood...there's an empty house up the street, I should go wander around it, too.
I miss the little monster! Ad in the paper tomorrow, in our local shopper, but after that I'm out of ideas...


Search for your little kitty late in the evening and early morning when it is quieter out, calling his name and listening. Also ask all neighbor's to check their garages, sheds, wells, and window wells. Also look up trees. Some cats have stayed up trees for several days, chased up the tree and too frightened to climb down.

Call the animal shelter. They may have picked up your cat. Sadly they have 2 lists, one live animals picked up and one dead. But it is better to know. Put out posters and a newspaper LOST posting and offer a reward on both. A reward will prompt people to be more vigilant about looking or returning a cat they maybe were thinking about keeping.

Go to PetHarbor.com a wonderful site for looking for a lost pet. My niece found her lost cat in a shelter several cities away from her city in Utah. The cat's photo was posted on that shelter's site and she saw it on PetHarbor.com!

If you do choose to have indoor only cats you can possibly build a screened in cat enclosure for them. I just finished building one for my 2 precious babies. It connects to my house by a kitty door that is on the side of my house that my outdoor cats used to use. Now these 2 cats can go out in to a 4' wide by 12' long and 8' high enclosure that has ramps and shelves so they can take advantage of the entire space and not just the 4x12' footprint. they love it! It has an door on the outside for us humans to use.

You can google cat enclosure and see many different ones people have built. Click on Google Images.

Good luck, I REALLY hope you find this little guy!

Cathy Lindberg
Thanks, I've done almost all of these, except PetHarbor. If he comes home, he'll be an indoor cat from now on!
I agree w/ abbie_normal - it is the not knowing that is the hardest. Still sending good thoughts that Frick makes it back safe and sound.
Thank you, sweetie...that is the hard part. I still look for him every day.