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September 2013



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Frick and Frack's Big Adventure...

Ma!  I think I see dis guy on da poastofis wall!

So we had errands to do this morning; kateslover wanted a different ball cap first, so he ran over to our rehab house, next door, to see if he could find what he wanted, and then off we went...

Took care of bidness, and when we walked back in the door, we could hear the answering machine.  It was our friend and neighbor Kevin, telling us the alarm company had called (the rehab house has been broken into 5 times and all the copper stolen, early on...but not since we got the alarm system!).  The police were on their way! 

J. grabbed for the card to find the number to call the alarm company, the police pulled up, Kev came over to see what was was going on, and Joseph and the policemen went in to see what was wrong...

...opened the front door and BOTH KITTENS CAME BARRELING OUT!

It appears that they followed him in when he went over there earlier, and didn't jump high enough to set off the alarm until just before we got home. 

I'm STILL laughing!  Can't wait to see the Police Report in Friday's paper.  "Officers responded to house alarm on Francis Street.  Hardened criminal kittens apprehended when they attempted to escape..."


Stoopid kittehs...
Stoopid door. ;-)
At least till they get so they're able to jump even higher! They're about 3 feet off the floor now.

I think the kittens were pretty freaked out by the noise! And yeah, they are REALLY cute!
Laughs, they are gorgeous kitties.
They are at that! They'd BETTER be! ;-)
LOL - criminal kittens are cute as can be. This is the sort of thing that happens to us.

I see they're already busy posing for you ;)

Orange models to expand your works for the CAT BOOK you should do one day!

It's been one of those days...we took stuff to donate to our local thrift store and gave them the bag of groceries we'd just bought for our dinner! THAT we went back for--hungry for those ribs!
I'm still giggling too, Miss Vicky!
how funny! Glad to see the rogue kittens are okay.
Thanks, so am I! Goofy little critters follow Joseph around like they were puppies!
alarm system? heck- i say just give them their own way in that place, and they'll scare the bejabbers out of anybody trying to get in there! there's nothing more fearsome than the Fraternal Order of Infernal Kittens. even the mafia is scared of them...
Man, isn't that the truth! They sure have US scared!
Hahaha! Cute.
DEFINITELY, Jen! Thanks!

Whatever else you do, please don't let them become acquainted with Marcus Aurelius - he's enough by himself. The other morning I heard a SKREEEK-RUSTLE-THUNK-CRASH-RUSTLE! and dashed out the kitchen door to find the charming new rustic birdhouse hung just under the porch eaves swinging wildly, with Marcus climbing out of the shrubbery looking bewildered and annoyed. Seems he had tried to "board" the birdhouse from the porch railing, only to discover his kitty claws are not quite up to serving as grappling hooks on the tin roofed birdhouse. Boy, was he pissed! I have a feeling the new birdie occupants were also a bit miffed.
OMIGOSH! I'll bet he WAS taken aback!

But yeah, these two are going to be a handful...I hope. More fun that way. :-)