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September 2013



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Waterlily Dusk--survival sketching!

waterlily dusk, originally uploaded by Cathy (Kate) Johnson.

some days are better than others. My Monday was a real MONDAY Monday...communication with other humans was more than difficult, it was just about impossible!

I had the weekend's posts from my students to read and answer--and several days worth of orders to fill--and our local art group and upcoming art crawl and publicity to ask about and deal with--and emails to answer from businesses--and family issues--and misunderstandings...

And frankly, by the end of the day I was pretty well ready to get the heck outta Dodge!

So, I did. I packed a sandwich on my homemade bread, grabbed some water and my journal and paints, and hit the road. It was just gorgeous out, a wonderful, cool evening, and it appeared that I was almost the only person out!

I did the first sketch beside an old country road I love to visit but hadn't, in months, and ate half my sandwich...quiet, nothing but the sounds of birds and one other vehicle...

Then I headed on down to Cooley Lake, named after some forgotten person in Clay County history, I'd imagine. The sun was low, by then, and the wet spring has made the old oxbow lakes deeper and full of waterlilies. Only a bit of water showed between the dinner-plate size leaves, and it gleamed like antique silver in the filtered sunlight.

Sounds of bullfrogs and crickets and redwing blackbirds...and finally, stilled the conversations in my own head. It was needful...



Sounds absolutely wonderful! Beautiful watercolor - I love those greens. And I can hear the bullfrogs!
Thank you, it was wonderful, and needful!

It's a very green year, this year, we've had a lot of rain!


Sorry, forgot to sign - that was me, Ann N. from class!
Hi Ann! I figured it was someone I knew.*G*


Oh, those conversations in the head-- and soon they start interrupting each other !!! This is the perfect way to quiet the buzzing bees. You not only grew quiet but you have captured that healing evening peace so that we feel it.
Thank you. :)
I glad you enjoyed it, Annie, I certainly did!
i have those days, too--"it's been monday all week, today..." i got my dose of relative solitude (change of scenery, really) this weekend, at a little renaissance festival "up north". it's about 2 1/2 hours north, but such a change from the big festival down here. small town atmosphere, "soft" site (virtually no permanent structures--all tents and pavilions), friendly merchants who will direct you to the vendor who has what you're really looking for, lots of trees, green, shade. live music by "wolgemut", who are wonderful. got to help hawk thropots' pottery, help give breaks to other vendors, listen to wolgemut, and pretend that the big city was centuries away. and it was a good trial run for the bodice from last year. have to trim off a few more pounds if i want to be really comfortable! nice to have a dry run.

love the painting. i've always loved water lilies and the life they contain and shelter. brings back memories of leopard frogs with gold eyes, and gold limning on their backs...
Hey girl...the renfest sounds wonderful...ours has gotten way too big and way too commercial since the days when it used to benefit the Kansas City Art Institute.

Aren't waterlilies magical? You could walk across the lake on their leaves...