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September 2013



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I don't get it.

Not at ALL the same thing as our break-in, but really, really weird, just the same.

I was working on my book, Joseph was next door painting, and I suddenly realized I heard voices close by.  I thought maybe he'd come home and was talking to a neighbor out front, but when he didn't come in, I went to look.

First, I saw a little girl looking up into our mulberry tree right by the front porch.  Then I moved where I could see what she was looking at...um.  There were jean-clad legs up the tree, and shoes I didn't recognize.  I thought maybe one of the neighbor's kittens had gotten up the tree, so I went to look.

No, daddy had just climbed MY tree, right by MY front porch, an easy step to MY roof and attic window, to throw mulberries down to her.  

Um.  Normally people ASK if they want to pick some of our fruit??  You don't just climb someone's tree, right by their house, and help yourself??  


I asked him to get down, because I didn't want him falling out of the tree.  And yeah, I didn't want him IN the tree, in the first place.

"Oh, I know what I'm doing...I'm getting her some mulberries."

"Nonetheless, I'd like for you to come down.  The tree is brittle and it breaks easily.  There are plenty of mulberries on the ground and walk, you're welcome to them."

"No, it's OK, I used to cut trees for a living...sort of," says he.  "Besides there are bugs on those."

"NONETHELESS, I would like for you to come down NOW, please, and there are bugs on the ones in the tree, TOO."

"She's afraid daddy's going to fall," he tells his little girl in this condescending way.

Hm.  Maybe I'm afraid I'm going to lose my temper entirely!  GOOD GRIEF.

So he nearly loses his balance, about falls out of the tree, and knocks down our new little fence by the brand new flower bed.  Grrrrrr...

I really should have said 'normally people ask before trespassing," so his little girl didn't get the idea that this was OK behavior!  

I just don't get it.   We've always been happy to share the mulberries and apples and such...but people, you need to ASK, not just assume.  And CLIMB THE TREE.


Man, that is beyond ballsy.
Couldn't have said it better myself!
You are way too polite. The so-and-so Stole Your Mulberries and you kept your temper? I'm impressed (but if he shows up again I hope you will explain to him about trespassing and helping himself to your things!).
I did, and usually do until I am REALLY pressed. I will indeed, if he comes back, I wish I had! I don't want his little girl to come away with the idea this is OK, because it's not.
maybe you will have to design a snarky release form for trespassers to sign. you can make him come out of the tree to sign the release form, so you will not be liable for any damages to his person if he falls from the tree/bush/roof while trespassing on your property, nor will you be responsible for any or all ingestion of bugs, foreign matter, pollutants, or sprays that result in intestinal motility problems, or insecticide poisoning. (they don't have to know you don't use said insecticides...) include in that the idea that they are approaching your property at their own risk, including the risk of your calling the authorities, since it is PRIVATE property...

people are frustrating and infuriating. the old "what's yours is mine, and what's mine is mine" rule seems to be raising its ugly head, again, in society.

maybe an electric fence?
You made me laugh, a LOT, so thank you sweet thing! This is the second time lately I've had nitwits in my flower garden. Grrrrrr...

I don't think an electric fence is quite code, though...darn it...
Oh dear, that is disturbing. And he'd be the sort who'd be the first to sue if he fell! Just a big Grrr, and not OK behavior - and what an example to set for his daughter. *sigh As if most kids are already acting entitled and self-absorbed w/out parents reinforcing the behavior.

Yes, exactly. I really, REALLY should have said something so the little girl wouldn't think this was a good idea--or even SAFE.
It's just a situation where you're totally taken off guard - I'm not good at being able to think on my feet and respond quickly. Confronting ppl who are knowingly doing wrong, not something most of us expect to have to deal w/ and esp in our own front yards! Last summer I'm out front weeding in the flower bed and a neighbor is walking their dog, stops and lets the dog take a big crap in our front yard by the curb - I stand up and the guy doesn't even acknowledge me. I finally said, 'excuse me?' and he waves and acts like he is going to walk off. I happened to have a bag from potting soil and took it to he could clean up the pile, and he was offended and not happy w/ me. No matter that I'm offended and not happy, I was practically shaking.
There are empty lots across from us but he lets the dog crap in our yard, where our dog can smell it and go nuts and for us to clean up or it could be stepped in or ran over w/ the mower and then spread all around. A lot of WT's friends park at the curb and walk up so I knew it'd be stepped in. We clean up after Lucy in our own yard and when we walk her we always take a bag.
Isn't it amazing? (J. always cleaned up after Sarah, in his own yard, too. Can't imagine letting your dog do his business right in someone's yard and leaving it there.

But then I watched the neighbor up the hill behind me shove a refrigerator down the slope, like that was getting rid of it. I said "Excuse me? Please don't dump right here in the neighborhood." He cursed me roundly, and the thing is still there. Makes me mad every time I see it.


Ladycelia's "Beyond ballsy" says it all. Some people have no sense of boundaries and no amount of explaining seems to get it across to them.
Well, if it happens again I am certainly going to TRY, Annie!
What is wrong with people?
You know, I often ask myself that!
I'd be really upset if a neighbor did this -- especially a grown adult!
I was! He wasn't anyone I recognized, maybe just walking though, but it was ESPECIALLY frustrating that he argued with me instead of getting right down!