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September 2013



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3 ways to paint with watercolor pencils

This is one of the new demos I did for my current online class...but I'm trying to find time and place to do a little video of the same thing. I seem to need more light than I usually have for things to be clear enough...and may have Joseph film just my hands and paper.

Till we figure that out, I hope this helps--it's just three of the ways to work with watercolor pencils, but the ones I use most often!

Katherine Tyrrell featured this demo on her blog this week, and thank you, Katherine!

If you're not familiar with her blogs, lenses, and pages, you'll be amazed at the tireless, far-reaching and helpful posts you'll find there.


So far, I'm having problems making the videos work with Movie Maker, which came with my computer's OS--it's a lovely, simple program and it works great for my slide shows, but it says it's missing a codec to be able to work with the videos my Olympus shoots...

I thought I had that solved this week, went online and found the appropriate codec, downloaded it, and THEN found that it was just a sample, and would put its watermark in the center of the page...I could test it if I wanted, but I'd have to pay $59 for the actual working codec.

Hm. Not just yet...


Could you upload video to you tube and grab the codes from there? I think you can mark it private so it won't be viewed by others (if it's for a class) I think what you have looks good too. I'm sorry kids trampled through your garden.
I just want you to know that you are a wonderful artist and I am grateful for your willingness to share your knowledge as well as your sweet nature in uplifting us newbies when we feel that we will never get it right. There aren't alot of artists out there like you and I just want you to know that you are very much appreciated! -Carol
Carol, you are a sweetheart, thank you--I wasn't feeling very sweet when the big kids ran over my new tomato plant!

And actually I'm happy to share with a wider audience, even when I'm teaching. My students still get the bulk of it, especially if I'm answering a specific question, but if it's something I think more people might benefit from, I share on Flickr or wherever.

The main problem with the videos is that I like to add captions and titles, and until I can upload to Movie Maker or something similar, I'm stuck with doing that on slide shows, not videos. Fooey...

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