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September 2013



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My Watercolor Pencil class is underway...

I'm back to online teaching, so will be a bit scarce in other places for a while--we've got our first week under our belts, though, and I'm delighted with the students I have! Much fun....

Most people are using my Watercolor Pencil Workshop CD, which has more new art and a whole new lesson added in...a few are using my out of print book, Watercolor Pencil Magic

Sorry, clicking on the book cover doesn't really go anywhere, I just wanted to show you what it looks like!  (The link above will go to Amazon, though, if you're interested. ) It's still available secondhand from Amazon and other sellers, but the price is often a bit steep--that's one reason I did the CD! 

This time out, my darling husband kateslover has taken care of registration, and that has been a HUGE help.  Keeping straight who's signed up for the online group, what email address they're using there, what their Flickr ID is, if they're using the book or the CD, and all those variables used to drive me nuts.  He put it all on a spreadsheet--MOST impressive and more helpful than I ever would have imagined.  He's a doll!

I'm adding new images  to my Flickr set to show my students what I'm talking about or sharing new (or old!) work--If you like watercolor pencils or are curious about them, you're welcome to check out the Flickr set on watercolor pencils--just click the link, here!



Oh, I'm so jealous of all your students! I would love to have signed up, it sounds so fantastic, but with exams and another online course it was just too much. If you run your watercolour class again though, I will be first in the queue!

Aveen :)
Hi Aveen! I do have a good group of students--we're having fun! We'll look for you next time when things aren't quite so crazy (hopefully for ALL of us.)