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September 2013



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I actually got a press release out...next Art Crawl...

It's always hard for me to write press releases about myself, but our artists association has been discussing the need for more PR for our Art Crawls. Thought I'd give it a shot...and I think it's working! I just sent it out today, and it's been picked up by the ArtistsNetwork blog, the EBSQ blog for tomorrow, and Best of Missouri Hands . I forgot that blogs can be a LOT faster than print.

I hope we ALL benefit from the extra press.  Here's what I sent:

Friday, June 12
2nd Friday Art Crawl
5:00-8:00 p.m.
Olde English Garden Shoppe
115 E. Broadway, Excelsior Springs, MO 64024

North Light books artist and author Cathy Johnson will demonstrate her techniques for watercolor painting at the 2nd Friday Art Crawl in Excelsior Springs, MO.

Johnson is the author of 34 books, including 9 for North Light Books, (one of two major publishers of art books), the Sierra Club Guide to Sketching in Nature and The Sierra Club Guide to Painting in Nature, for the Sierra Club.

She has judged art shows all over the USA, and done a number of presentations and workshops for arts associations from Maine to Nevada, as well as offered field sketching classes at statewide Nature Centers for the Missouri Department of Conservation.

Johnson spoke to the first international gathering of the Sierra Club in San Francisco in 2005 on sketching and painting in nature.

She is currently working on a revision of her 1988 book, Watercolor Tricks and Techniques, and will be demonstrating some of the techniques included in that book.

Come see some of the innovative techniques in person, at 115 E. Broadway in Excelsior Springs, Friday, June 12.

Johnson regularly shows her work at Olde English Garden Shoppe, along with Polly Jaben, PhD, photographer of scenes from Ireland, Scotland, England and Wales as well as the USA. Jaben's eye for the perfect shot and Johnson's watercolors and drawings work well with the boutique's offerings.

The 2nd Friday art crawl will include a number of other shops and galleries in downtown Excelsior Springs, including Gallery 105, Frame of Mind, the Mercantile, and others. There will be live music, wine tastings, and food--please join us for an exciting evening!


WOOHOO!! i bow in the presence of greatness! *curtsies, and falls over from the current meniere's disease flare* ( thud )

thought of you this weekend--it was "art-a-whirl" in northeast minneapolis. managed to hit a few places, including "the atelier", where daughter shigella is studying, part time. i'm impressed with the work so many of them are doing--and even more impressed that my kid can do so much better than so many of them. (no prejudice, here...)

it is so much fun to see works in progress, as well as the completed thing. there are tons of galleries in the northeast area. the area has become an arts stronghold, for some reason. our own little greenwich village, i guess...and i really like it!
NO FALLING OVER! I'll bet you had fun at the art-a-whirl! I love the idea of your own little Greenwich Village...sometimes that just happens...