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September 2013



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Starving artists

Starving Artist in the Kitchen--Miss Molly's Brussels Sprouts

Starving artists stop hating brussels sprouts!

Our middle godchild, the delightful Miss Molly Hammer (check her out here: www.facebook.com/home.php ) proposed to bring brussels sprouts to one of our family gatherings this past winter. I was HIGHLY dubious, because I've always hated those little cabbage wannabes, but oh MY were they good!

They're good FOR you, and full of vitamins and antioxidants, so it's nice to actually find myself craving them from time to time, now!

Find some nice, fresh brussels sprouts in your store--or grow your own, if you like!

All the better if you can get organic ones--did you know that organically grown vegetables are so much higher in nutrients that you'd have to eat 4-5 times as much of the factory-farm stuff to get the same nutritional value, according to Michael Pollan in his newest book, In Defense of Food: An Eater's Manifesto.

It's easiest to clean them if you cut them in half and peel off the tougher outer leaves, which can sometimes be bitter...

An old fashioned garlic press works best to make the fresh minced garlic--our store even has organic fresh garlic!

Saute/stir fry in a bit of oil till lightly golden--if you need to, put a lid on the skillet to make sure they're done, but they're good with just a bit of crispness to them. 

Who knew?!  Not only edible, but DELICIOUS!  Thank you, Molly!


I love love love brussels sprouts. Cant' wait to try this recipe. Thanks!
It's really good and really simple!
This sounds simple enough - I'm willing to try! Tonight's supper is the famous kraut-kielbasa I learned from you - cameo apples the favorite for the way they cook.

Edited at 2009-05-05 05:46 pm (UTC)
Sounds great! I've got to remember to look for cameo apples!


Would you believe that we eat Brussels Sprouts almost weekly? I found the website "101 Cookbooks" last fall, and regularly use two of her BS recipes! I now crave them like crazy, and consider it a great thing when the grocery store has a fresh batch! Sooooo good!
Sounds good to me!


I LOVE brussels sprouts! I have some great recipes, too, and will share them with you just as soon as.... as soon as... I have my life back ;D.
Thanks for the recipe and the lovely photographs!
Doesn't that sound wonderful...getting our lives back...WANT!! Even more than brussels sprouts, Molly-style!


I love brusel sprouts, too! Got to try this--they look delicious!!
Always, Rita
Let me know if you like them, Rita!

funny title

That's a funny title for this post. If brussell sprouts (or lettuce meatballs as my son used to call them) tasted as good as your sketch of them looks, everybody would like them. Your recipe sounds really appealing. I used to hate them, one of the few foods I didn't like. I think this recipe might just do the trick. I like your Starving Artists logo. Very cute and retro.

Re: funny title

Thanks, Miss Jana! I LOVE "lettuce meatballs," what a hoot! And I'm amazed, I really enjoy them with this recipe...