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September 2013



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New Watercolor Pencil class date is May 18--FINALLY!

Hi all! Thank you so much for your patience, those who have been waiting so long for classes to start--life's been very hectic, what with family issues and the new North Light book I'm working on!

It still is, but I really need to get back into the swing, so I've set a date--the WATERCOLOR PENCIL class starts up May 18.

Please see my webpage for information, signup and registration...as well as testimonials from past students!  It's all here:

Cost for the 6-lesson class, with supply list, assignments and plenty of one -on-one feedback and encouragement, is $75.00. 

The class will use either my North Light book, Watercolor Pencil Magic (unfortunately out of print, but if you have a copy you're more than welcome to use it!) or my new CD, Watercolor Pencil Workshop, available in my webpage catalog at www.cathyjohnson.info/books.html or my CafePress store www.cafepress.com/cathy_johnson  Of course, we'll have lesson plans to supplement the book or CD, as well.

Discussions, questions, answers, etc. take place here: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/watercolorpencilworkshop/ so students will need to join that group to fully participate. 

And we have a brand new Flickr group pool to share our work, assignments, suggestions, and critiques--this has worked wonderfully well in the past!  It's members-only, so only students will be invited, of course. It's here: http://www.flickr.com/groups/wcpencil2009/

DO make sure I know your name, email address, Yahoo ID, Flickr ID and all...J's taking care of the spreadsheet for me this time to make sure you get all the benefits of the class!

As usual, I have to add a caveat--I'm not a tech support person, so please do make sure you're familiar with posting to groups, scanning or photographing your art, and putting it where we can see it.  There are just too many variations for me to be able to keep up with all of them!  Don't worry, though, it's fairly easy.  I've only ever had one student in all the years I've been teaching decide they weren't up to the challenge!  I was happy to refund her tuition.

Watercolor pencil was the largest waiting list for this class, with a great deal of interest and new information to share, so that's the one I'm jumping into--if you're interested in the sketching, watercolor, or watercolor textures classes, please continue to be patient, they're coming!



Art Advice


I've been trying to email you, but everything bounces back - from your website or the EDM Message board button. I need to send a 9 X 12 watercolor (140 lb paper) to London and don't know how to pack it to protect it when sending it by Fed Ex. Any advice?

Re: Art Advice

Hi Shirley! My email was wonky while my phones were out...sorry! I think if I were sending overseas I'd use THICK foam padding on both sites, plus perhaps even something rigid, and protect the corners. Fed Ex is pretty good, but I have had a few pieces damaged in the past, so I usually overpack!


Re: Art Advice

Thanks so much Kate - I knew you'd be a fabulous resource!

Re: Art Advice

Glad to help, Miss Shirley!