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September 2013



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Podcast interview--yep, from a while ago!

Hi, all--I thought I'd posted the podcast link for the interview Danny Gregory did with me, prior to the publication of his new book, but I couldn't seem to find it--so here it is again, and this time I did a tag so I can find it again!:  www.dannygregory.com/2008/02/an_illustrated_2.php

If you haven't seen the book, you can click on the link below the image for a "look inside this book" option!  It's a real treasure--I find myself returning to it again and again. 

The journal entry Danny and the art director chose for the cover is one of my favorites from that year--here's a progression of the page, step by step.  As you can see, it's in my handmade journal with a portrait format--it's about the size of a hardcover novel.  I repurposed an old book that was falling apart to utilize the lovely marbled-paper cover.

I sketched in the image very lightly with pencil, then began to color in the shapes...this is Fabriano hot press paper, and I used a Niji waterbrush in a medium size for most of it, since it was quite detailed.

I switched to a different paint set, as you can see, to continue working!  I usually only have one set with me, but I was wanting the option of cadmium red...I've since added it to the palette above, though, and simplified my life.

This is the page as it was finished--the scanner made the color warmer than the camera did...I like to include not only details but a bit of the habitat, as well.  This is in Siloam Mountain Park, on a wonderful May morning.



Such a sublime page, Cathy. I saw the images on the EDM superblog and clicked on the link without realise it was you. I should have known :)
Thank you! I really loved doing this one, I'd taken coffee and a peach and had a marvelous time...


The page is gorgeous! Wonderful colours, beautiful handwriting!

Claudia, thank you so much!


This page is fantastic! The colours, the composition, the theme, everything is just perfect!! No wonder it was published!!!

Well thank you! Glad you like it!