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September 2013



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Joseph's EGD--and hooray, benign!

Joseph's EGD, originally uploaded by Cathy (Kate) Johnson.

Life's been more than a little stressy lately, what with various hospital tests for both of us (we're doing the "Benign, Benign" dance, though!), coupled with the incredibly complex problems with his parents in California. Between his dad's stroke and his mom's health problems and trying to deal with his dad's business when no one but him really knew how it worked (plus a hostile takeover attempt), and we've gotten so we dread the phone ringing. At least 5 LONG calls on Monday, plus three huge complex emails...can you believe his EGD was the HIGH point of the day??

Hanging in there, but this does explain why we're not as active online as we often are, and the Starving Artists are not doing all that much just now. What little time we have either has to be dealing with business--or running away from home!

And by the way, as usual, sketching helped me to deal with the anxiety, as well as pass the time--it kept me calm.


Thank you, sweet thing! (And I kept misspelling it, too!) We do very much appreciate your thoughts, all healing energies WELCOME.
Congratulations on the good results!
Thank you! One step at a time, here...
hearts, prayers, and good thoughts to you both! been missing you!
Thank you, sweetie, we've missed you too...and we are SO TIRED of the roller-coaster. I'm definitely not one of those who craves Drama!
I'm sorry you're going through a stressful time, but SO pleased to hear about the positive test results. I hope you have time to do SOMETHING celebratory just for the two of you.
Thank you, dear heart! Well, today we're going over to Costco to get his tires rotated. *G* I think we'll manage some fun time, too, though...

And I hope I've told you how much I love your icon photo...just BEAUTIFUL.

Benign may be an odd word and hard to spell but is one of the most beautiful words to hear!
Sending good thoughts and prayers your way. Your plates are full and overflowing and I hope that some of the stresses sort themselves out fast and as well as possible.

Thank you, Dee, yes it is! I think we're dealing with the stress fairly well, but we ARE both really tired...all good wishes and prayers are more than welcome!


I will have to look up what an EGD is ... but if the results are good then I say YEEHAW ... whatever it is.
I've forgotten what EGD stands for, but it means running a camera down your throat and into your stomach. NOT the most comfortable thing in the world, so they put you out for it...

And yes, YEEHAW is absolutely appropriate, thank you! ;-)
Good luck there!
Thank you, Solga!
sketching helped me to deal with the anxiety, as well as pass the time--it kept me calm.

Knitting does that for me.
Kneading bread is good, too, or anything that takes you out of yourself for a bit, I think...and thank you for the hug, Natalie!