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September 2013



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Sketching in Nature--group blog

Well, finally made something happen that I had wanted to for a long time--I created a group blog at http://naturesketchers.blogspot.com/ for artists who work in nature and whose work I've admired for a long time, as well.

It's long been a passion with me, sketching in nature, really ever since I was a kid and read my grandmother's Gene Stratton Porter novels (Freckles was my favorite, or Girl of the Limberlost, which was made into a TV movie) and How to Know the Wildflowers, by Mrs. William Starr Dana, a book I still own. My grandmother pressed the appropriate flower into it's place in the book, and I followed suit...it's a treasure.  As long as I can remember, I wanted to be an artist and naturalist--I think I'm very fortunate to have done both in my lifetime.

The idea of a group blog with like-minded artists was inspired by the Urban Sketchers blog, http://www.urbansketchers.com/, of which I am a happy member. (Thank you, Gabi Campanario!)

I got Sketching in Nature up and running, by the seat of my pants, on Friday, and we already have 15 correspondents, with 20 or so more that I've invited--it should be a fascinating look at nature across the world.

We have sketchers from Brazil, Australia, Scandinavia and all over the US, already...

I hope to see as many field studies as possible--it's not really a plein air group, though that works too! I'm hoping there will be a bit of information about  medium or the habitat, what the artist noticed, what he or she was hearing or feeling is good, too--this IS a nature journaling blog, after all!

We will grow, as we invite new artists to join us--and it is invitational, for the actual correspondents. 

Thank you for joining us, following the blog, reading along, and commenting! I already feel as if I've learned more about a variety of wonderful places in the world...

What fun!


Brilliant idea! I'm spending far more time outdoors myself, now. (It only snowed a little, yesterday. Yaaayyy!)

Tomorrow, I hope to get to the White Mountains for a day of art. Absolute bliss!
Sounds wonderful, girl, I hope you do! So are you in New England now?
We've been here for almost a year now, and we're loving every moment of it!

Um. I think I knew that, my mind just went walkabout. It does that! :-) I'm SO glad you're both loving it...


Fantastic idea, Kate! Almost like the opposite of Urban Sketchers, and I'm sure it'll be just as popular and inspirational. I'm a follower already :-)

Thank you, Aveen! I hope it finds an audience, I really believe in the concept!

I guess it is about opposite, isn't it--when Gabi asked me if I was interested in being in the Urban Sketchers group he didn't even know I did urban stuff, too.

Of course one of my favorite (and biggest!) Flickr groups is Urban Nature, so the two aren't mutually exclusive.


Congrats Kate! The new group is a welcome addition to the art world. Nature never fails to inspire and bring joy in people's lives. I am sure the new blog will be an exiting stop-over.

Thank you! I'm so pleased at the response already--we have almost 20 really good nature sketchers on board as correspondents, with more to come. I've already learned a lot about different environments in the world, through the eyes of artists...
I checked out the blog and it looks good. Do you have any correspondents representing New England?
You know, I don't think we do, yet! I'll visit your blog, Carolyn, thanks! (I've been out of town and lots going on, sorry I didn't see this sooner...)


Splendid,CathyKate! So exciting. The basic bases covered now with this and Urban Sketchers. And great, inspiring artists. I love the banner.
Having fun, Annie! Thanks!


PS-- I like the way the pictures enlarge to a good size, too. For me, this often makes therm more enjoyable.
I think that helps, too, Annie! We're getting there--some of the artists involved had never done a blog, so we're all learning the technical ins and outs!