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September 2013



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Maria at the Elms

Maria at the Elms, originally uploaded by Cathy (Kate) Johnson.

My friend Maria Hodkins and I get together to sketch about once a year--she lives in Colorado but her husband has family here. We enjoy our brief outings! (She's sketching the same stone arch and magnolia tree from another angle.)  Sunday was a cold, windy day, so we ended up sketching indoors, from The Elms Hotel's front window--but we can ALWAYS find something to include in our journals.

Maria teaches nature journaling, bookbinding, writing, and more, pretty much all over--she's a terrifically interesting person. Her website is here: http://www.windword.net/ --DO check it out...

We share a passion for journaling and art, as well as for nature.

And, as it turns out, cooking, as well!

I do plan to get back to our starving artists series ASAP--I've got lots of recipes written up, just haven't had time to illustrate them, and it does say "starving ARTISTS"!


Sharing the passions

Kate, it was fabulously fun, as usual! I'm posting my twin sketch to view here--http://www.flickr.com/photos/windwordwriter. It's always so interesting to see the different creative perspectives on the same subject. Next time I hope the weather will allow us some scampering in the fields...and maybe the next time will be in Colorado! --Maria

Re: Sharing the passions

It was indeed--a high point, for me, in rather difficult times!

And oh, YES, I'm hoping for more outdoor time myself. Wouldn't we just love to come to Colorado...


What A lovely blog!
I shall be making regular return visits to see what you are up to.
I like the sketchy journal feel to it all

Re: sketch

Thank you, Chris! Sometimes I DO post a completed painting, step by step, but more often I just have time to share my journal sketches...