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September 2013



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at the rehab facility

Emeritus, originally uploaded by Cathy (Kate) Johnson.

We visited Chet on Thursday, without mom--she was feeling under the weather and stayed home. I think it was good for J. and his dad to have a bit of time just for them; they shared the sports page and really, so much more.  I think it meant a lot to both of them.

I stayed as much in the background as I could, as usual, but Chet and I did communicate while J. went off to look for something. I'm glad we had that opportunity; he is IN there, he knows what you're saying and can respond, it's just difficult for him to get the words out. I wish I'd known that the word he kept repeating was the town where he grew up, I might have been a more satisfactory conversationalist!

We stayed longer than usual, so I had time to sketch many of the other patients; those who noticed seemed pleased, though I tried not to intrude. 

It's Chet's 87th birthday, today; we weren't able to stay over for it, but we're waiting for a call from his room. At least J. can tell him happy birthday!

Thank you all for your good wishes for the family; we can't tell you how much it is appreciated.


these are beautiful, poignant, touching....and seeing that doggie face made me know that there is joy, there, as well. rehab is such a hopeful, difficult thing--but the key is the hope. as long as that exists, there is reason to go on, to do, to make. yeah. i like these, a lot!
I agree, the key is definitely hope. I'm glad you liked them, sweet thing!


Good to hear from you. I've been checking this page,daily, suspecting that the pause must mean that something was going on in your family, and all I could do was send out love and prayers. I checked out Joseph's blog after reading yours, today. I am relieved that things are going better, but realize that you and Joseph have ongoing concerns, and you must both be exhausted.

The earlier post with its reprint of Painting Through Pain is so true, inspiring and helpful. No wonder people want to print it and hang it up to see on a daily basis. I do too. Thank you sharing it, again.

Hi Annie, and thank you so much. Yes, I don't like to announce online that we're going to be away from home, so I usually keep a pretty low profile. If I can, I post from the road, but this time it was just impossible.

We are indeed both exhausted, and had to jump right back in to life immediately here, to catch up. Orders to fill, taxes to deal with, spreadsheets to update, dentist for him, today, doctor for me tomorrow. I'm ready to collapse!

Maybe I should sketch something.:-)