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September 2013



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26 pages of sketches...

...from our 10-day trip to California, with a quick side trip to see my sis and brother-in-law, and I'm too wiped out to scan any of them. 

Sketching helps keep me sane, or what passes for it.  My poor exhausted husband and all the emotion surrounding illness in the family, plus the stress of travel and business hassles..he's catching the rehab-facility cold and I'm too tired to function, but oh so glad to be home.  He wrote at greater length in his journal at kateslover , and I'll try to do better tomorrow, at least to share some of the sketches or photos.  Right now we're just trying to take care of eachother, a bit!

Lots of baggage from various hospitals throughout my life, so I often sketched through tears--I truly believe drawing or sketching or making art of some sort or another is healing.  It helps us to focus, to step away from the turbulence a bit, to meditate, to get outside ourselves...the article I wrote on painting through pain in Watercolor Artist (then called Watercolor Magic) got the most feedback of anything I'd ever done in my writing life. 

I remain committed to the practice, and to the idea.


It is a wonderful idea. By the way, did you delete the cole slaw recipe? I went looking for it to no avail.
Yes, I don't believe I'd function NEARLY as well...which is a pretty scary thought.

You mean this one? I just clicked on my tags...

thank you - that is the one. I don't know why I couldn't find it. I'm going to use it tomorrow!

glad you're home safe and sound

It sounds like your visit to the Golden State was difficult but made a big difference and was a true blessing for very special people. I love the photo of you two lovebirds on the KatesLover LJ site. I thought of you yesterday when I was waiting at the doctor's office for the ear nose throat doc (re buzzing in my ears and light-headedness). I remembered your many wonderful sketches from medical venues and doing the drawing helped me too -- much more than the doctor as a matter of fact!

Re: glad you're home safe and sound

Drawing ROCKS. I've got buzzing, too, and have for 30+ years...mostly I just think it sounds like crickets, rather pleasant. ;-) Lightheadedness I could do without, though, I hope he helps that!

I love that photo, too--my beloved and talented godchild at http://anbrownphotography took all of those, and my icon as well.

And yes, this was anything but a pleasure trip. Grim. I hope it helped...
just posted on joseph's spot--welcome back. you both have been missed, but i'm glad you had each other for the journey. the company on that journey makes all the difference in the world!

rest up, and take time to be good to each other!
Thank you, sweetie...yes, we did support one another as much as possible! That was why I was there...

And of course it was just marvelous seeing my sis. Such a contrast! She and my brother in law are an incredible inspiration--married 50 years, still loving and teasing and supporting eachother. I wanna be like that!