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September 2013



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Busy little bee again...

In the course of all this organizing and moving books around, I've also been madly updating my bookshop-and-more on Amazon, and added a LOT of new books to my recommendations on nature sketching and drawing books, each with a brief review.  You can find them in the column at right, here:  astore.amazon.com/httpcathyjohi-20 

I won't put anything in the shop that I don't love, myself, and that hasn't had a pretty permanent home in my OWN library, so you can be sure I'll never recommend something just because it's hot.  These are very personal choices, and I hope you like them too. 

And of course some are the books I've written, as well...the natural history ones are out of print, but can still be found through secondhand dealers--I even have some of the nature and art books here myself, and can sign them for you, if you like!  I'm "graphicart" on Amazon, but you can find a lot of the books on my own website, at cathyjohnson.info...

Actually, I plan to write longer, more in depth reviews of some of my favorites, here...I love books!  Holding one in your hands, revisiting an old friend, relaxing in the evening--eBooks may be the coming thing, but they'll never replace the beloved books in MY library...

And on another busy front--

I'm delighted with my eBay auctions!  So far I've had bids on almost all the art supplies I put up, and it feels great to have 5 packages waiting to be shipped out today!  Henry David Thoreau would be SO proud..."simplify, simplify!"  And so I am, and it feels right.  I actually can see a workspace or two in here...

What's left of THIS batch is here: stores.shop.ebay.com/Kates-Treasures and I'll be adding more later today and the rest of the week, so PLEASE check back--these are terrific bargains.