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September 2013



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We're all mad for travel sketches!

I love to make up small traveling watercolor kits or test out the commercially available ones--I tweak my sets, alternate between them, try out other peoples' solutions...and sometimes even lose one in my studio, when things are TOO messy!  That's what happened to this cute little one.  It was hidden under a stack of catalogs for years--I've been on an organizing tear, and there it was, never been used!

This little Rowney watercolor kit is about the size of my home made Altoids tin ones...perfect for travel sketching or journaling.  It's 2 1/2" x 3 1/2" but still has six colors included.  They are:

Cadmium Yellow Pale
Cadmium Red
Crimson Alizarin
Yellow Ochre
French Ultramarine
Thalo Green (I think!  The wrapper is missing on that one...)

Rowney's been around for a long time and has a solid reputation. 

I increased the mixing area of the little box more than double--for some reason the box was black inside.  I gave it a shot of white paint so you can judge the colors when you mix up a wash--there's a bit of white near the hinge that you can tell isn't original! :-)

(If you lift out the plastic liner that holds the paints and the tiny mixing well it came with, you have 5 times as much area to mix colors in!)

Interestingly, there are more watchers on this auction, on eBay, than on any of my others--16 people are watching it, and it's had a lot of hits!  Yep, we're mad for travel sketching!  It's item #350170342584--or just check my store at stores.shop.ebay.com/Kates-Treasures



We are mad, we are! What a cute l'il box, Miss Kate! Hope it fetches a hefty price ;D.
Isn't it cute? I lost it for YEARS, and by the time I found it, I'd already made the two custom Altoids boxes!


got another idea

Isn't it the truth. I have more setups for travel and field sketching than I have time to use. But, I was just organizing my supplies the other day and came across a couple of empty Rotring Art Pen metal boxes...and with your inspiration from the Altoids kits, I thought, "I'll bet these would make good travel kits..." Now Kate, have you ever tried using those boxes?


Re: got another idea

Hi, Maria! Not specifically as a WC box, no, but that's what I use to carry my travel brushes in! http://www.flickr.com/photos/cathy-johnson/120543032/ and http://www.flickr.com/photos/cathy-johnson/3259851489/ show it in action in a couple of incarnations!

I've got a couple of larger, flatter pencil boxes I've considered for WC travel sets, but they're SO shallow, not much room for other goodies...