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September 2013



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More art supplies on sale--clearing out the studio feels GOOD.

More STUFF to move out the door and into a good home...some I give away to our local Kids Club, some to my godchildren, and some I sell on eBay...in any case, trying to take Thoreau's advice to heart and simplify, keeping only those things I actually USE regularly!

Since I write for art magazines and my North Light books, I often test out materials, as I've said.  I can't keep them all, this is a small house!  And I'd rather think of someone else getting some real good out of them...these are lightly used, if at all, and so a terrific bargain!

These are Caran d'Ache's oil-based colored pencils--fun stuff!  Look for Item #350170203837 on eBay...or my store, at stores.shop.ebay.com/Kates-Treasures --I've even got a new category just for art supplies, to make it easy for you!

These are the Derwent Inktense watercolor pencils everyone's been wanting to try--and they ARE exciting!  http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&item=350170245908 (or item #350170245908.) 

Here's a page of tests using this set--see how bright they are?

This cool little deal is a water bucket container for watercolors--it has three compartments so you'll always have clean paint water, plus a palette in the lid and the swivelling palet you see it right--that will lift off, if you like!

It's item #350170713892, or again, just visit my store--it's all there! 

I put up a set of oils, too, that came in a lot that had other things I needed--I'm allergic to oils, so they've never been opened.  I'm throwing in a bottle of medium and some cool little bristle travel brushes with that one...it's #350171393741

Keep watching, I'm on a clearing out TEAR!  It feels great to simplify.  I can even see the top of my desk now...


Have you tried wetting the Caran d'Ache pencils? They're Prismalo, which are watercolor pencils if memory serves.
It all looks very yummy. I remember as a child staring long and hard at shop windows displaying 128-pencil Caran d'Ache sets...
Nope, these are Pablo, their oil-based colored pencils. They don't lift with water...

And yes, aren't all those colors LUSCIOUS?? I still have childhood memories of oil pastels and the big watercolor box I got one Christmas!
Omigosh! I just noticed that they put the wrong documentation in the box. The pencils are water-RESISTANT
Pablos, and the paperwork is for the water-soluble Prismalos, you're right. Sheesh!
LOL, I thought that's what I read and I couldn't read the pencils themselves... and I also hadn't seen that you had them up on eBay before I sent off the comment, or I would have told you privately that something was amiss. :-)
too bad once there's a bid on something you can't revise! I might be able to add a note, though...


It DOES feel SOOOO good to clear things out and reorganize!! My daughter-in-law and I have been cleaning and reorganzing all our art and craft supplies this year--almost done! You're smart to sell things on Ebay! Good luck and enjoy your clean space! :):)
I'm really pleased to be finding this stuff good homes! I've sent two big boxes of art supplies to two of my godchildren who are also creative...