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September 2013



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Starving artists

A Starving Arists quickie! Fruit Smoothies...

Fruit Smoothie–our usual breakfast!

This is lovely, quick, delicious, relatively inexpensive, healthful, and even pretty to look at, so what’s not to like!?

There’s almost NO recipe to it, of course, but after I put up the sketch on my Flickr album, here http://www.flickr.com/photos/cathy-johnson/ people actually asked about it, so here, by popular demand–the fruit smoothie!

kateslover often teases me about preferring old-fashioned kitchen gadgets for their simplicity and QUIET, and for the most part I do. I’d much rather use a grater, a spoon, or a whisk if I can.*

But ya know? For a smoothie, you probably want one of these. We’ve got an ancient Osterizer that’s still going strong after 20 years or so, and it makes fast work of a smoothie.

Here’s our list of ingredients, give or take (measurements are by guess and by golly!)–and depending on what’s in season:

2 bananas, if we’re fixing smoothies for two. (We’re still on the barter system with our CSA friend–community supported agriculture–at http://www.clarksorganicmarket.com/ , so ours are organic)

½ to 3/4 yogurt (have you tried organic cream-on-top yogurt? YUM.)*

3/4 C. frozen blueberries (the wild ones are tasty and highest in antioxidants–and yep, you CAN buy them at your local supermarket, generally.)

Of course you can add any other fruits you have on hand, if you wish–kiwis, apples, seedless grapes, strawberries, peaches, whatever!

Toss all this in your blender, and add:

Enough OJ to almost cover the fruits. We like the high-pulp stuff, but if you’re feeding children, they may not!

Turn on the blender and let it run till the blueberries are well mixed throughout–it’ll look speckly, like my sketch–and the frozen berries will make it thick and frothy. (More berries = a thicker smoothie)

SOOOoooo good...


*OK, too funny...we were out of OJ today, but had fresh oranges--so here's Himself using, yep, a good old-fashioned hand-operated juice-squeezer on top of the blender!


Blueberries are considered to be the #1 antioxidant fruit, and that’s good. They’re also rich in unpronounceable nutrients called anthocyanidins that act as antibacterial agents. Take a peek at these links, if you’re curious about what all that means to your health and well-being: http://www.trueblueberry.com/blueberry/blueberry_antioxidants.asp and http://www.whfoods.com/genpage.php?tname=foodspice&dbid=8.

(Hey, even Oprah and Dr. Oz go for these deep-blue and delicious fruits: http://www.reuters.com/article/pressRelease/idUS214141+06-Feb-2008+PRN20080206 )

☛ Dr. Loren Cordain recommends blueberries and other fruits in The Paleo Diet:
one of my favorite resources for nutritional information–and that’s just fine with us. Our forebears knew what they were doing!

* Do be aware that some experts say that blueberries lose their antioxidant properties when eaten with milk. I imagine that probably includes yogurt, darn it.


For you artists out there--I did a quick preliminary sketch of the glass, since the faceted sides made it a bit complex.  Then I quickly painted in the wonderful color of the smoothie, remembering the values are slightly different seen through the glass.

Blueberries make a lot of tiny dark flecks in the drink, so I used a stronger mixture of the same colors to spatter with, masking off the areas I didn't want spattered with junk mail scraps.  

This is watercolor on hot-pressed Fabriano paper, in my journal.



Maybe use soymilk - as my daughter does when making smoothies?? I never heard that about blueberries, v. interesting. This sounds so good, I could do it. I wonder if my blood sugar would be okay with it. Could try and find out!
Worth a try! I understand most of these should be low-glycemic, is that a factor? I really try to avoid soy products, except I can't do without soy sauce. *G*
I'm not really up on the glycemic index, though I should be - but I might omit the orange juice as it's pretty intense for sugar, I think... and just go with more soymilk. If I make the experiment, I will let you know - have to buy the blueberries and bananas first! I'd probably add a tsp or two of flaxseed meal too.
I googled the glycemic index and did a bit of research, or I wouldn't have known much about it either! What did we do before Google!?

And yes, do let me know!


Sounds delicious! Time to get a new Oster blender, I guess. My cheapie one doesn't work anymore for smoothies. Thanks for the incentive!
Always, Rita
It IS, just absolutely luscious, Rita! This morning I put a kiwi in it, too, yum! Made it just a bit lighter, with that nice tart flavor...

I can't believe how well my old Osterizer has lasted, and so far it's handled everything we've thrown in it...



Smoothies are our household morning addiction as well. Here's what I put in ours: blueberries of course (right from the freezer), bananas (1 for each smoothie), grated fresh ginger (essential in my opinion!), vits & mins powder, whey protein powder and diluted pure (not from concentrate) cranberry juice - the latter being great for the male of the species & prostate health.

Re: smoothies

Good for females too, as I understand it. The ginger sounds GOOD.