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September 2013



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A great day on a warm winter afternoon...

We had a wonderful time yesterday--I've been enjoying going around sketching places I hadn't seen in years, or ones I've gone to frequently but finally having a chance to share them with my husband.

Yesterday was no exception! He knew I was jonesing to sketch, so when he asked where I wanted to go, I had no trouble deciding on Parkville, a little river town founded in 1838.  It's been a lot of things since then, up and down and in between, but it seems to be thriving now.

We'd been looking for a good bread bowl, since I'm back to baking bread (that'll be the next "Starving Artists" entry, but--not today!). I was SO excited to find a set of 5 gorgeous nesting bowls in retro colors and embossed patterns for $24. What a steal!  They're so much like my mom's bowls I caught my breath when I saw them!  Afterward, when I sat out sketching, a lady came by to say "you bought my bowls!  I was going to come back for them, and they were gone!"  I'd had that happen too often not to pick them up right then, and take them to the checkout counter!

I thought I'd still need a larger one to make the bread in, but last night I proved to myself that what I had was just perfect...it actually held the heat, rose beautifully, and fit in the microwave overnight, nestled in my heated corn bag, to keep it from the monster kitties. We used to middle one for our salad this evening...

We trekked through many of the little shops in town--at least those that were most appealing--and resisted most other temptations.

We also visited the Northland Exposure co-op art gallery (http://northlandartists) and had a nice chat with the two artists on duty. They wanted to see my sketch journal, and then wanted my card. One asked my name and when I told her she remembered reading my stuff in Country Living, years ago! It is such a small, small world!

(In fact, it is SO small that I'm sure the gallery is in the building that I had my own work in, 30 years ago. The co-op had moved to the new area across the tracks, but when we went looking for it, they directed us to the main drag, right where I'd been when dirt was young!)

Finally, we ended up at Frank's Italian Restaurant,

Frank's Place, since 1931,

which [info]kateslover mentions in more detail! Check out his blog here: http://kateslover.livejournal.com/

We came home tired but happy, and STILL managed to start the bread in my new sunshine yellow bowl...just don't have enough energy to draw it and write about it this evening!



Miss Kate, it doesn't get much better than that! Your joy is palpable in your superb sketches and in your words. I'm going to spend some time immersing myself in both---thank you for this burst of pre-spring delight.
Thanks, sweet! I AM having a marvelous time--road trips with J. are a hoot!


Your posts always make sketching look like so much fun - I must get out and do some myself!! These are wonderful pages, Kate.
Thank you, Casey! It IS (one of) the most fun things I do! And I love your sketches, so I hope you do...


This was so great! It felt like you took us along with you for the day and shared your joy--such fun! :) And great sketches, as usual. What a small world!
Thanks, we were glad to have you along!