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September 2013



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Busy little bee...

Kelly's Westport Inn, originally uploaded by Cathy (Kate) Johnson.

...I think I'm about ready to crash, now!

Saturday, we went to the city, and I sketched Kelly's, the oldest building in KC, and a pub/bar since 1947. Then to youngest godchild Nora's birthday party, where we feasted and laughed till early evening, then home...

Sunday, out to Tryst Falls and the lake to let me sketch MORE...he wrote about it all on his blog, here: http://kateslover.livejournal.com/

...and then I wrote the Starving Artists entry Sunday night, along with sundry shopping and laundry and organize my studio and such...

Yesterday, we went to Weston to buy my beloved a ring.

When we married nearly a year and a half ago, he didn't really want one, but recently he surprised--and delighted!--me by deciding he wanted one from the same lovely Irish store in Weston where he bought mine, all those years ago.

Mine wasn't meant as a wedding ring, just something to make me smile, and when we were wed he asked what kind of ring I wanted. I said I HAD it already, and treasured it, so that's what we used. Now, he has one to match, found again at the Celtic Ranch, here: http://www.celticranch.com/

We had a ball, listening to their music, drinking Irish tea, trying on tweed hats, exploring Utilikilts, and giggling like a pair of kids!

I'd totally forgotten that Weston is virtually closed on Mondays, but happily that ONE store was open, along with a few others, and we found that O'Malley's was open for lunch as well. www.westonirish.com/

We had a sampler of the beers they brew right there on site, and pub grub for lunch, plus a tour of the old brewery and the storage caverns that have been pressed into service as pub and music venues.

Doesn't he look happy? (*ahem.*  Those are SMALL glasses, late in the meal, and we shared!)

After lunch and sampling

Then I got to sketch the old church on the main drag--you can see it here:

Weston Church and gear

...and add to my store of photos of tiny houses. He's so patient to stop whenever I want to!

Last night I decided I really should create a Flickr pool for nature artists--I have one for plein aire painters here http://www.flickr.com/groups/plein_aire/, started about 6 months ago. The new Sketching in Nature pool is here: http://www.flickr.com/groups/nature-sketching/

Soooo...today, while trying to let my Facebook friends know about it, I decided to start a similar group on Facebook...which is here: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=47729652724 and then one for Plein Air artists...that one is here: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=59207016873&ref=mf

All this is in preparation for a new project, which I'll announce here soon. I hope you'll enjoy it as much as I'm enjoying organizing it and putting it together!

Oh, yes, by the way...I AM on Facebook now--we both are, mostly to keep in touch with family and friends. I'm sure there's a widget to post to a blog, but I have no idea where to find it, so...I think this will get you to my profile, should you want to take a peek: http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1474146429&ref=profile

We also made a run to Liberty to Michael's, to get some clear gesso to try, as naturalist/artist Toni Kelly suggested on her wonderful blog, A Spattering. Find it here: http://kellyinkstudio.blogspot.com/

I think I'm ready to stay home and buckle down to some serious studio work tomorrow...whew...


dang, lady, i am exhausted just reading about what you accomplish! my day off was spent emptying the big closet so the roof guys could inspect for a leak i spotted last weekend--and now i'm putting everything back. they won't come back until it's melting, again...and today we were below zero, again. hamster wheel....
Yeah, no kidding! Joseph was trying to deal with our wee closet today too. These old homes are just closet-poor!

So far we haven't had enough snow to worry about, though...
And I'm gonna hafta drag it all back out and do it over again too - the whole thing needs to be stripped down to the plaster and rebuilt!

Yes, sweetie - with a light... :)
Light GOOOOD. I'm a bit concerned about the two new sets of extended brackets. With only one up there's almost no room between the two rows of clothes. I sorta liked being able to get IN there and find the stuff in the back...I still can now, but closing it up another couple of inches, maybe not?
It looks like you had lots of fun! What more could you want in a partner than someone with patience who also enjoys your jaunts for painting and picture taking and whatever else strikes your fancy?!--Carol C
We DID, thanks, Carol! You're right, too, not much I could ask that I don't have--all this and he cooks, too! ;-D