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September 2013



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Trying some old-fashioned marketing...

...and I guess we'll see how it works!  Watercolor Artist has changed how they do their advertising...they did away with classified, though I believe they'll bring it back, surely, and they increased the size of the smallest ad from 1" to over 2", and made them all color.  I've advertised in the magazine off and on, but small and black and white, so this is a big step for me! 

It's a bite out of the advertising budget for the year...

The ad had to be finished right around the time I was working to get the book off to North Light, so I didn't really have time to do too much; they said if I sent the graphics, they'd design the ad, and we really had to do some quick last-minute tweaking!  I know, I know, I'm probably a control freak, but I wish I'd had time to design it myself.  This is pretty, and colorful, so I'm really hoping it will work for us!

(Sorry it's a bit fuzzy, I had to make a .jpeg out of a PDF...)

Now, of course, since this will be in their workshop issue, I'd remembered to mention that we use some of the CDs in my WORKSHOPS (since at least three of them were done for the workshops in the first place )*ahem*, but my head was elsewhere...

The CDs, of course, are available in my CafePress store at www.cafepress.com/cathy_johnson as well as on my website, at cathyjohnson.info

This is marketing the old-fashioned way, and the first color ad I've ever had!  Fingers crossed for me, here...