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September 2013



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Goodbye to dear old Oliver

Goodbyes are always hard, and I'll admit I put this one off for a few days. I've shared so much of life with Oliver that it didn't seem right not to share his passing as well. In truth, I've been keeping busy and trying not to miss the sweet old man too much. We only had him a couple of years--I inherited him from my friend Susan when her baby turned out to be allergic--but he was a darling, loving animal from the very first.

In fact when he lived with Susan and Andy I'd go visit him, as well...he'd look up at me with just this expression--"LOVE me!"--patting softly at my knee to remind me to pay attention. How could I not?

When Susan realized she'd have to find him another home, I was only too glad to make room here. Joseph came to love him too...the last few months when he was going downhill were difficult to see, but he was very, very old and seemed to be in no pain. He was still begging for his treat the night before he left us...and we were glad to be able to allow him to die at home, where he was warm and loved, as

kateslover said a day or two ago...



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He was beautiful! We have an old gentleman can too. My sympathy to you both on the loss.
Thanks much--it's amazing how close you can feel in only a few years, but he was special. I hope yours has many more years left with you.
I'm so sorry for your loss. *leaves a hug for when you need it.*
Thank you, sweet girl. Hugs are ALWAYS in demand!
Oh, Kate... I'm so sorry! Hugs and tears for you all!
Thank you, Malinda. I'm glad I got a few really good photos...
I'm so sorry. What a beautiful face.
Yes, he was really beautiful. I never did manage to capture him on paper...thank you.
I am so sorry, that's all I can say. Well, he was beautiful and well loved, I can see that.
He was at that, Barbara, thank you.
i'm so sorry he's gone--but his passing was gentle, and he was where he was loved.

he was such a beautiful boy...
Yes, it was good. Much better than last time, but then I knew Miss Pooh was in pain. I miss them all!
I am so sorry. It is never easy but I am relieved his passing was quiet and at home - for his sake and for you and Joseph.
Hugs to you both, Dee
Joseph was quite firm on that...and he was right. Thank you Dee.



Oh, too sad. :( He was a beauty, too!

Re: rose-anglaise.blogspot.com/

Thank you, E-J, he was at that! Maybe someday I can paint him from one of the photos--I never did really capture him in a sketch.


I'm so sorry. I know how much you love your cats, and I know how hard it is to lose one. I'll be thinking about you today. I'll drop a note to Susan, too.

Thank you, Miss Girl, that would be lovely and I know she'll appreciate it. It was SO hard telling her--I'm glad I'd let her know a couple of weeks ago that he wasn't well, so she was prepared. We had a good talk about him, then.


Oh, so very sorry. He was beautiful and looks so well loved. I know how hard it is to lose a furry member of the family. Take care.
Ann Nemcosky
Thank you, Ann. He's been well-loved all his long life. Susan got him from two little girls and THEY adored him. She was crazy about him, and so were we...he could be a pain, and he had his problems, with his age, but it was worth it.


What a beautiful face and expression in his eyes. Our Fur Persons have a deep place in our lives and hearts, and when they leave us, the comfort that works best for me is to hug the memories to my heart and let them live there.
I do agree with you all that keeping him home with you made it more comforting for him AND you both.
Thank you, annie, isn't the loveliest face?
Oh no! I'm so sorry to hear Bearcat is ill! I know he's a darling cat...

And thank you, yes, I caught bits, but oh this photo REALLY did it.


What an adorable creature he was. I'm so sorry, Miss Kate. It sounds as though his last days were peaceful and comfortable. You did right by him.
Thank you, sweet girl, I believe we did. We sat by him on the floor and talked to him, moved him where he could be in the sun in the daytime, petted him and made sure he had everything he needed. He was still purring the night before he died, when he could hardly lift his head.


What a face!! So glad that he was able to die at home where he was well loved and felt safe and secure. :):)
Isn't it gorgeous!? I'm glad, too...we miss him, but it was a good way to go.


Oh so sad Kate, even a long life well lived and loved is gut wrenching to bid goodbye.Your tribute is most touching.
sandy (myfiddlestix)
Hi Sandy, and thank you. Yes, we still miss them, don't we!?
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