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September 2013



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Playing with an Amazon store

I've been wanting to do an Amazon store for some time, where I could recommend favorite books and other goodies--art, nature, creativity, art marketing, and yes, even cooking and food, since we've been doing the "Starving Artists in the Kitchen" series here on my original blog. 

So I decided to keep my original layout--the one I use on my fine arts store on eBay at stores.ebay.com/Cathy-Johnson-Fine-Art-Galleries and on my new gallery blog, cathyjohnsonart.blogspot.com/--and tweak it to show books (and more, of course!)

You can click on the image to make it larger...not sure how else to do that!  Let me know what you think?

The store is now online at astore.amazon.com/httpcathyjohi-20--I'm having a blast adding my favorite art books in addition to my own work--as I get the chance, I'll write brief reviews to tell you why I love this selection of books!

And later today, watch for the latest marketing-your-art post!



how set up a store?

Cathy, how do you set up your own store? I have one of my books I want to sell there, and it would be nice to sell or recommend some. - Ronni, designing fairy

Re: how set up a store?

Hi Ronni! First you need to become an Amazon Associate, which is pretty easy as I remember it. (The link is at the bottom of Amazon's pages) Then you'll have an Amazon taskbar viewable at the top of each page you look at there. One of the options on that bar is "add to aStore." You can either click that to get started, or go for a tour on the Associates site, and go from there. It's really very easy--they pretty much lead you through it, step by step, which is what I've been fooling with off and on today.

Then you can add links to your own book, if it's available on Amazon either from them or from you as a seller, or add other books or products, like I'm doing. I've always wanted to be able to recommend books all in one place, and this seems a pretty easy way to do it...
i like the visual connect--like, but not like. having a visible touchpoint is good for those who are familiar with your stuff--and will give the amazon folk something with which to relate should they go to your other sites.

hey--some of us function best on a visual level, after all!
I have to admit that's one of the things that Amazon suggests, if you do your own banner...and obviously, they're right! Thank you girlfriend...