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September 2013



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Just testing to see if the video will appear here...

...and hey, it did!

This is my sneak preview for the slideshow I'm working on.  (If you can't open the video here, it's on YouTube at au.youtube.com/user/KateJosTube.)

In 2005 I was I invited to speak at the Sierra Club's first international gathering, in San Francisco--I did a slide show and talk, and it was a wonderful time for me.  The first time I'd gotten to be alone with kateslover, which was the MOST delightful part, the first time I'd met my wonderful editor, Jim Cohee of Sierra Club Books, in person (my two books for them are The Sierra Club Guide to Sketching in Nature and The Sierra Club Guide to Painting in Nature), and the first time since I was a teenager that I'd been to San Francisco! 

What a glorious time...

The Sierra Club has kindly given their blessing to the project of turning my talk into a new slideshow CD, so that will be up next on my website at cathyjohnson.info and in my CafePress store at  www.cafepress.com/cathy_johnson.  Now that I've finally finished (ok, almost finished!) my newest book for North Light, new CDs will be up next on the work agenda, then schedule classes. 

Nope, I don't get bored... ;-)


Your video

Hi Kate -- Thanks for the new video. I've mastered one of the slides -- the one about getting new toys! - Barbara

Re: Your video

Barbara, thanks for writing! You made me smile!


I'm so proud that you're my friend. This is just beautiful. I'm sure your audience was inspired and delighted. Now I want to go out and make nature sketches, Miss Kate! (Of course, that WAS the point, wasn't it ;D.)
You are SUCH a sweetheart! And I'm delighted to claim you as a friend, too...and yep, of course that was the point!