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September 2013



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My latest art tip announcement, #85 (keep forgetting to put it here too!)

Hi all!  I keep forgetting I mean to put my newsletter here too.  If you are already a subscriber, you will have seen this--if not, here's what I just sent out about the latest free art tip (#85!) on my website.

And ooops, I also forgot it was #85, not 84...so just edited this!


My terrific webmistress, Sonya at http://morgansites.com got my newest art tip up on the website, at http://cathyjohnson.info --I hope you enjoy it.  This one is on MORE found art supplies, something I really enjoy doing.  Much as I enjoy a good browse through the art supply catalogs (not to mention playing with the new "toys" I find there), there's something very satisfying about making do, or finding a new use for an everyday object. 
We've gotten quite a few new subscribers since the last tip (27 and counting!), so welcome aboard, all!  Please feel free to check out the tips on the website, at upper left.  Past tips are all archived as PDFs--you can print them out or save them to your hard drive, if you like.  Share with a friend!  That's what they're there for.
I finally finished the manuscript and art for my newest North Light book and got it mailed off last week--with 5 minutes to spare till the postoffice closed!  It's a new edition of "Watercolor Tricks & Techniques," as some of you know--I wrote the original version over 20 years ago, and there have been a LOT of new materials, techniques, and surfaces in that time. 
I explored many of them, and shared a few of the graphics on my Flickr site, http://www.flickr.com/photos/cathy-johnson/ --you'll find a taste in the Art/Work set, if I've remembered to put them there!
I also put in quite a few more examples of existing techniques--the book probably has at least 75% brand new art, so if you enjoyed the older edition I hope you'll find this one even more useful and inspiring.  It will be out either late 2009 or in 2010, and I'm excited about it!
MOVING ON--NEW CDs and Classes to come
I'm excited about finishing, too--that means I can have time for sketching, as well as for making new CDs and to begin considering a teaching schedule for '09.  I'll announce here first!  Thank you for your patience--writing a book takes a lot of time and energy, and I'm having a bit of a break, right now...
Last time I announced that I was delighted to be one of the newest correspondents at Urban Sketchers, the worldwide group of artists who love to sketch our human habitations and surroundings.  After having a month under my belt, I have to admit it's one of the first things I do in the morning, check in at http://www.urbansketchers.com/ and see where in the world my fellow sketchers are, and what they're up to. 
The blog is exciting and inspiring, and is just as rivetting to others as it is to me--over 1000 new visitors a DAY, according to founder Gabi Campanario, the Seattle Sketcher at http://gabicampanario.blogspot.com/ .  GREAT STUFF, and great fun!
If you haven't seen Danny's newest book, "An Illustrated Life, Drawing Inspiration from the Private Sketchbooks of Artists, Illustrators and Designers" and you love to look through artists' sketchbooks or read why they do what they do and how, you'll enjoy this one!  It's inspiring--I could hardly put it down.
It was picked as one of the 10 best books on Amazon last month, and I feel more than privileged to be one of the artists included.
You can find it on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or at your local bookstore--help keep the little guys in business!
And just for fun, you might get a kick out of Danny's little self-published Blurb book, "Bad to the Bone, " a book about bad dogs--we did!  Read about it on Danny's blog, here:http://www.dannygregory.com/2008/07/a_surprise_book.php, or jump in and order your own copy, here: http://www.blurb.com/bookstore/detail/277225?utm_source=badge&utm_medium=banner&utm_content=280x160
The drawings are a hoot!  (And of course the pups aren't REALLY bad...they're just dogs!)
I've been supporting myself as a self-employed artist and writer for over 30 years now.  I inherited the marketing group on YahooGroups that I've mentioned here before, AJMarketing (http://groups.yahoo.com/group/AJmarketing/) but it just occurred to me recently that sharing on my blog what I've learned personally in my long career might be helpful to other artists. 
I know, duh. ;-)
I'll never be rich, but I HAVE managed to keep the wolf from the door for a lot of years, and I love my life.  I *like* not punching a time clock or having to commute in all kinds of weather! 
So...I'm doing a series on marketing on my blog at http://katequicksilvr.livejournal.com/ in the hope you can find something that helps you realize your dreams, whatever they may be, and sidestep some of the pitfalls.  Please feel free to drop in and offer feedback!  (You can see earlier posts on the subject by scrolling down to "marketing" in my list of tags at left.)

STARVING ARTISTS in the KITCHEN, on my blog, too
Don't forget--the other ongoing series I've added in recent weeks, as you may know, is "Starving Artists in the Kitchen," where my husband and I share recipes and thoughts on food, love, nutrition, economy and GREAT TASTE. 
He's a terrific cook, so don't miss his contributions.  His most recent, the Reuben Sandwich, is a hoot to read!  We've done Sweet and Sour Red Cabbage, Faux Potato Salad, Squash Soup and Crab Cakes since last time--that last one is Joseph's too.  YUM...
I illustrate each recipe with original art and as many photos as seems necessary, and offer historical info, links, and suggestions; response has been terrific, both on the blog and in private emails.  We feel GOOD about this one...it's like a great international dinner party, without having to get out of the jammies or mop the floor. ;-)
One of the latest and most favorite comments, offlist, was from Chaska Peacock: "Yes, there's a lot more to cooking....Love, for starters.....nourishing our deepest selves and that of others with whom we share the food.  A good homecooked meal shared with a bereaved person can do more than words.  I have you to thank for this insight."
Check Chaska's website at http://www.artalchemystudio.com/ --she's multitalented!

I'm gratified with the response to my new online sales gallery mentioned here last time--and delighted that so many people chose to give the gift of original art for Christmas.  Thank you, all! 
There will be new art going up at http://cathyjohnsonart.blogspot.com/  frequently--buy yourself a present, too, if you like.
I'm still learning my way around Blogger, so the sidebar may change from time to time, but the purpose will remain the same--to put affordable art into the hands of those who will enjoy it.
Here's the intro to the gallery:
"Making art is like breathing, to me. It's sustaining, it's healing, it's delight. It's how I celebrate; it's how I learn; it's how I show love, care, and respect; it's how I cope.

I've never been one to settle on a single "brand." Life is complex and varied; so is art.

For that reason, there will be a wide variety of subject matter, sizes, mediums and prices offered here--

It is very important to me to put art into the hands of those who will enjoy it most, and I hope you will find something that pleases your soul, in your price range."
So, I hope YOU find something you like...feel free to keep checking back, subscribe to the blog, or bookmark it.

If you'd like to see some of my free slideshows for artists, visit http://youtube.com/user/KateJosTube --I put up a couple of new ones last month, and will be adding more soon.  I'm surprised at how many people have seen my earlier ones!
You can rate them or offer feedback or comments there, too.  Let me know what you'd like to see!

Omigosh, I'm on Facebook now!  I joined to keep up with the younger members of my family, but was delighted to find many old friends, reenacting buddies, and fellow artists there.  I THINK this is the link to my profile, but if it doesn't work you can just search on my name. http://www.facebook.com/home.php?ref=home#/profile.php?id=1474146429&ref=profile 
Who would have imagined I'd get on Facebook??  Not me...



from Robert Henri that really applies to us as artists and creative beings:
"Do not let the fact that things are not made for you, that conditions are
not as they should be, stop you. Go on anyway. Everything depends on those
who go on anyway."

SO true.

This quote--and much else of worth and beauty--was found on artist Ann
Nemcosky's blog.  VISIT Ann at Blue Bird Hill,
http://nemcoskyart.blogspot.com/ and watch for an upcoming interview with
her on my blog at http://katequicksilvr.livejournal.com/, in the new
"Marketing Your Art" series.  Ann's an inspiration!


Here's your chance to see a major exhibit of the late Milford Zornes' work, if you're anywhere near Santa Monica, California.  The show will be up through January 25--if you're in the area, don't miss it.  Zornes was one of the most respected watercolorists in America, and one of my first influences, many years ago when I got started with the medium. 
Clean, fresh, strong images that STILL inspire...
If you can't make it to California, at least enjoy the slide presentation on this website! http://www.californiaheritagemuseum.org/curr.php#

As some of you know, I bind my own sketchbooks because I LOVE working on paper that works for me, with a variety of mediums.  (And get cranky when I have to work on stuff that fights me!)  People sometimes ask how I make mine--and here's where I learned much of what I did--from my good friend Roz Stendahl.


Soulcomfort's bookbinding series on YouTube is a jewel, as well--check out
Rita's work here: http://au.youtube.com/user/soulcomfort1
My "Handmade Journals" Flickr set is still here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/cathy-johnson/sets/72157603223781597/ --and yes, of course I'm working on a CD/slideshow, since I get so many questions...



Oh, and someone asked me recently if I couldn't put my Amazon Associates
link where it was handy...that means if you go to Amazon through my link
(all you have to do is click on it) and buy anything at all, I get a small
commision with no extra charge to you.  As a freelancer, all this DOES add
up, so thank you, Brie, for the reminder!  (I put it on my blog, too, in the links at left.)

My link is
and thank you to all who choose to utilize it!

As you can see, I have been!  I'm still journaling almost every day, sketching in my handmade sketchbooks, organizing sketchcrawls, and enjoying my family, friends, and my dear husband.  Finding your soulmate late in life ROCKS, and I hope your life is as satisfying as mine...




love the links and knowing what you are up to.

thanks for the link on bookbinding.

this is going into my memories!
The bookbinding stuff is great, glad you enjoyed them! And thank you for the kind words...


thank you!

Wow! Thanks, Kate, for including me in your bookbinding information! I am honored!! :):)soulcomfort/Rita

Re: thank you!

You did a TERRIFIC job, Rita! I was delighted to have a good resource to send people to...
I finally received "The Illustrated Life" on Wednesday, woohoo. Last night when reading your section in the book, I flipped the page and read:
"I can't sing. I certainly can't dance. But I can draw the hell out of just about any silly thing you ask me to."

I was thinking, "Go, Kate!" and it took me a few moments to realize the quote and drawings were not by you after all. I had a good laugh at myself when I discovered the pages had stuck together (page 109 to 112) and what I thought was the continuation of your section was actually the artist behind you (Noah Z. Jones).
LOL! Well, shapes just ARE shapes, so pretty much one thing is the same as drawing another, BUT some days I can't draw ANYTHING worth beans.*G*

Thanks for the giggle!
You are welcomed, I thought you'd appreciate it. When I read the 'I can't dance' I wondered why you said that. I was thinking, 'Kate sure is speaking her mind in this book!'
And while you may not have used the same words as the quote, isn't that somewhat how you live your art? And IMHO you sure can draw the hell out of just about anything.
Reubens for dinner... I am drooling as the corned beef bakes.
I guess it IS pretty much what I do, isn't it! I just probably wouldn't put it just like that.<;-)

You're a doll, thanks! And I hope you enjoy the Reuben! We had lobster bisque, stir-fried veggies and Cajun catfish, pretty all-over-the-place, eh? Good though...
My copy of an illustrated life arrived today :) ...I had to wait 2 weeks for it and now I'm really excited to read it! I hope I will love it like the other books of Danny!
I'm so glad you got it! I hope you enjoy it as much as I do...