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September 2013



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lookin up blues

What's up in 2009?

Funny, no one really knows what's going to happen, and I sure can't predict the future, not even in my own life!  But here's what I plan for this blog, at any rate...

More outreach.  More helping.  More information.  More "Starving Artists in the Kitchen." More on what I've learned making a living as an artist for the past 30+ years.  More encouragement.

When I first started keeping a LiveJournal blog, sometime in 2001, I think, I really didn't know what to expect.  It seemed odd to write about my life right out here in public, being a rather private person and a bit of a hermit (once upon a time!), but friends I wanted to keep in touch with were here, and they encouraged me to join.  (Funny, same reason I find myself on Facebook, these days!)

It's been a kind of personal revolution.  The 'net has changed the way I interact with people.  I am much more outgoing, now, and much more connected with others.  I respond more often, and more quickly.  I've learned a lot, and enjoyed the journey, and discovered what a great venue this is for giving something back.  Passing it along.  "Paying it forward,'" as they say.

I'm looking forward to '09.  Despite the headlines and economic worries, I am hopeful for a better year.  Getting back to my own personal basics has been good for me; I wish as satisfying journey for everyone.

So rather than plan a set of art goals--make art every day, work in a series, find a life-drawing class--I'm going to let that part of my life unfold as it will.  I'll teach online again in '09--watch cathyjohnson.info
for more information.  I'll keep my personal journal and share images on Flickr--www.flickr.com/photos/cathy-johnson/ .  I'll continue to add work to my gallery blog at cathyjohnsonart.blogspot.com/.

For this blog?  See paragraph 2!

And the best 2009 ever, to all of you...



Thank you!

Kate - I want to finally chime in and express a huge "thank you" to all the ideas, thoughts, and creative processes that you have shared here over the time I've been reading, but not responding to your art and writing (at least on line... I've been reading your books and columns for years before discovering you here). I've remained fairly silent; just enjoying the musings of a fellow naturalist/sketcher. But it's time to give back and let you know how much I enjoy, appreciate, and learn from your talents. So - thank you - and happy New Year!

Re: Thank you!

Well, Consie, bless your heart! Thank you so much for writing. I'm delighted you've enjoyed my offerings.