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September 2013



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The best present...

...is one that lasts beyond the occasion. For me, that would be books.  Always has been, since I was old enough to pick up the first one and read to myself.

Oh, yes, books, books, and MORE books. Just because I write them doesn't mean I ever get enough! And I love sharing those I've enjoyed with friends and family.

This year, I've received Danny Gregory's new book,

...direct from Danny himself, since I was one of the fortunate artists asked to share our work and thoughts in the book.

I had no idea how marvelous it would BE until I got my copy! I love reading how other artists use their sketchbooks and journals--their thoughts, their favorite mediums, their inspirations and so much more.

I've already added my voice to the reviewers--it's a jewel!

So of course I already have An Illustrated Life ready to give on Christmas Eve--it's too good not to share, and I have a LOT of artists in my circle of friends and family!

And even more exciting, those of us included in the book got an email from Danny just yesterday, telling us that the book is one of the seven best books of the month! WOW...you can read about it here: www.amazon.com/gp/feature.html/ref=amb_link_6922122_1

Is that cool, or what?  It's on sale, too, so now is the time--if you haven't seen it, check inside the book, or better yet just send for your own copy of An Illustrated Life!  It's on Amazon but you can also find it at your local bookstore, Barnes and Noble, and in some art supply stores. 


I'm delighted, too, with the response my OWN latest North Light book has gotten...it's been almost overwhelming, and I thank everyone who has bought a copy. (I'm giving a few of those as gifts, too!)

It's gotten wonderful reviews both on Amazon and in the magazines and discussion lists...it was a delight to work on, and it shows.  (My editor at North Light--now F&W Media--was marvelous, too.  Makes a huge difference in a book.)

If you've got it already, I'd love it if you went to Amazon and reviewed it! 

(And by the way, there IS still time to get either of these books by Christmas, of course...just checked on Amazon!)

You can still get a few copies of Creating Nature from me, too, if you want it personally signed.  It's in my website catalog, here: www.cathyjohnson.info/catalog.html along with all my other CD and book offerings!

There's still time to get one of the CDs, too, of course!  They're proving popular to be gifts for artists...and If you order direct from me, I'll throw in an original bookmark!


Books are my weakness too. We need more bookcases for the overflow that is on the tables and chairs and floor...

Danny's new book was at top of my list - and Mike has been to the bookstore so I hope it was in stock :)
I have your book. Last yr Mike took a photo of me after we opened gifts and I am sitting on the sofa reading your book. I'll go add a review when the brain is less wonky.
We had bookcases built floor to ceiling in J.'s house next door and we're STILL stumbling over piles and every flat surface seems to hold more books...

And how cool, I'd love to see the photo!
I drooled over the photos of the bookcases in J's house. For a while I was dreaming of bookcases several times a wk.

Here is a photo of me last Christmas w/ your book. I'm still in my pj's - my daughter is WT in the striped shirt.

Christmas 2007 7
HEY! The picture got cut off! I just see knees!
Crap - it didn't look like that in paint! I thought I had cut out the mess and was showing me and WT.

Let's see if this one works: Christmas 2007 26

Christmas 2007 7
Third time's a charm?

Christmas 2007 27
It still cut off WT - maybe click on the photo and it will take you to flickr and you will see the whole thing.
MUCH BETTER, *cute,* and thank you!