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September 2013



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One of those days

Restore from draft???

Siiiigh...I wrote a long, helpful post on marketing your art this morning...lots of links and resources.  Spent about an hour and a half on it.  It had plugs for fellow artists, websites, books to check out, on and on...hit something disastrous and IT DISAPPEARED.

Normally, I can just get out of Live Journal, get back in, and it asks if I want to restore from the draft.  No prob, I just lose the header.  This time that message FLEW by before I ever got out, and of course then everything was gone.  Poof!

Went to the FAQ and did a search to see if I could find "restore from draft" or "draft" or "draft posts," or ANY blasted thing...and got "nothing matched your query"???    "Restore from draft" is THEIR WORDING.  Looks as if we might, oh, have some reference to how to do that in the help files?

I've been writing the Starving Artists posts in WordPerfect, where I can save the draft to my hard drive.  Too bad I didn't think to do THIS one that way.  I'm out of time, now...


Oh no, I hate when this happens!
ME TOO. I meant to be helpful, and now I don't have time, darn it.


System Restore

I like that

Re: System Restore

Thanks! I haven't used that...
How frustrating!!! I feel for you. Been there done that:)
You'd think I'd have learned to do the post somewhere I can hit SAVE often!
Oh darn. I'd like to read your suggestions on marketing art. Sorry this happened!
I'm redoing, and today's the first installment!
Thank you for so generously re-posting it! I've copied and saved it, and will use it for reference in the future. =)
You're welcome! I broke it down into several sections, and hope to post about one a week...