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September 2013



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Tiny houses...

...I've always loved them. They remind me of all the cabins and cottages we stayed in when I was a kid--the Ozarks, the Blue Ridge Mountains, the Rockies...all had tiny "guest cottages" that were just magic to me.

Later, I noticed that there were many that weren't rental cottages, but homes, and that's when I really started paying attention. (I don't think I've ever grown up, completely...there's just something so appealing about "playing house"...)

I fell in love with the one above 35 years ago when my first husband retired...it looked like the perfect tiny studio, tucked up into the woods, private, quiet, and just accessible enough. It's been abandoned for a long time now, and it's probably too late to save it...but I can't help wishing someone would try. There have been three others in my neighborhood that have burned or been razed, and I never "preserved" them, at least with a sketch or photo...

So when [info]kateslover asked me what I wanted to do yesterday, I said "go out to take pictures of tiny houses!" And that's exactly what we did, exploring here in town, in the country, in the tiny town of Rayville, east of us, wherever I saw something I wanted to photograph, we stopped in the rain and snow and let me shoot.

The tiny house above wormed its way into my imagination and led directly to my own cabin in the woods, built by my own hands...and the help of a patient young carpenter. I wrote its story in my book, A Naturalist's Cabin--long out of print, of course, but the advance from the book helped me pay for building the cabin...J. loves it too, now.


Of course, in the 70s, I was fascinated by all the funky, owner-built homes books. I still own most of them I got back then, and still enjoy browsing through them. This one's my "pick of the litter" of that genre--Handmade Houses: A Guide to the Woodbutcher's Art.  People are so creative!

But the book that really let me realize I could have my own place in the woods was called Tiny Houses: or How to Get Away From It All by Lester Walker.  SUCH an inspiration that was...

Liberating, too...with plans, even!  My cabin was inspired by the tiny architect's studio...

I put the little house picture above and several others I took yesterday up into one of my favorite Flickr group pools, called, appropriately enough, TINY HOUSES. You can see it here: http://www.flickr.com/groups/tinyhouses/pool/--and I hope you'll join and add your own photos from your corner of the world.

So many tiny houses that I've loved over the years are gone, now...and I know of so many more we didn't get to yet.

Adventures for another day...



Oh, you've hit on another of my GREAT LOVES!
I have TINY HOUSES and look at it all the time.
One of my friends had a little play house and I thought that was heaven as a child. Still do and that goes for doll houses.

There was a wonderful old book that my mother had called DANDELION COTTAGE. Can't find it now.
A bunch of children befriended a tiny house with worn out furniture. A story I had her read and read to me.
Sounds like a wonderful book!
there was a blurb on some news show last week about the downsizing that some folks are doing, right down to the size of their homes. there is a new movement afoot among some people to live in new, tiny homes, much like the ones you are "eulogizing". i have always loved the old tourist cabins, little guest homes, etc. when we moved into our home, there was a "motel" on the corner two blocks down that included about a dozen of those little cabins--some of them, "duplexes". by the time we had been here for a couple od years, the traffic had changed, and the little cabins were rental units as homes. until about 5 years ago, they were in use. someone bought it out, tore them all down, and now that corner is a development that looks for al thr world like rowhouses out east. progress, i guess...

my cousin went to a camp called "storybook lodge", and dach cabin was something from a fairytale or poem--there was a birdhouse, little red riding hood grandma's, one that looked like a pumpkin. i don't know if they were ever documented--i hope so.

i hope that you will keep showing us the ones you document, somewhere along the line. and DO include your own little house in the woods.. now i'm going to look at the flicker site!
That downsizing goes around every few years! There are a couple of really cute small houses out in the country near here that were built in the last 10 years or so...

There's one little "tourist camp" left in town, but all of them were turned into homes--I think only two are still in use, the office and one of the larger cabins. I need to get photos of them, too!

Storybook Lodge sounds great! And yes, I'll keep sharing 'cause I love 'em. My cabin's in the Flickr group!

some of the really old ones have disappeared, but i see the shoe, birdhouse, and three bears' cabins are still there, among some others. (they were a lot bigger when i was little, and helped take her to camp...)
Pictures, please!
if you clickety-click on the url above, it should take you to the photos of the cabins. i remember the "pumpkin" well...it was a fun place.
Ooops, I entirely missed the URL! Thank you...I love the dream house, but it needs a porch...


A Naturalist's Cabin is my favorite of all of your books. I think I've read it four times (so far)!!!!!

Roundrock Journal
Thank you, Pablo! You must have been one of the 20 people who bought it!


I have that same handmade houses book that I got back in the 70's and I still cherish today. I love that book! Can't wait to check out your tinyhouses pool.
It's a very neat group--we go for weeks without adding anything and all of a sudden, another bunch will go up!