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September 2013



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New directions, new gallery

Funny how some things take SO long to happen...

When I first began working on my webpage at http://cathyjohnson.info, close to 10 years ago, my wonderful webmasters suggested an online gallery of my paintings.  Somehow that just seemed too difficult at the time, and life swirled on in a dozen different directions.

When Gabi Campanario asked me to be part of the Urban Sketchers blog I mentioned yesterday, at http://www.urbansketchers.com,  I had to get onboard with Blogger in order to post there--and I remembered that some of my favorite online art blogs were also on that site.  Katherine Tyrrell, Nel Jansen, Ann Nemcosky, Carol Gillott, Duane Keiser and SO many more, all seemed to have found Blogger/blogspot to work well for them.  I've bought original art from both Nel's and Ann's sites--they're quite marvelous!

People kept encouraging me to try it--Katherine and Carol were most generous in their advice a couple of years ago, but still I wandered off in other directions.

Well, the stars must be in the right position, because I finally decided to give it a try this week.  This is something I can manage myself, updating when I need to.  I've had feedback on design and color from people whose opinions I value, including my wonderful alumni group and my sweet friend Laura Frankstone.  Most importantly, endless support and assistance from kateslover ...

Oh, dear...this is beginning to sound like an Academy Awards acceptance speech. ;-)  Guess I'd better cut to the chase...

My new online gallery can be found at http://cathyjohnsonart.blogspot.com/

One more thing to be thankful for...

May YOUR Thanksgiving be as full of love, friends, family and satisfying work as mine...



Kate: Love your new blog! But an incorrect URL...

Kate: Thanks for the heads-up on your new blog; I checked it out and it looks great (as I would expect! :)

Just wanted to give you a heads-up: the URL you give for your new blog in the post above is incorrect. I clicked on it and got a Blogger error. You have "...johnsons..." like as a plural; I typed "...johnsonart" and the site came up.

Anyway, I'll be looking forward to content on your new site. Have a very Happy Thanksgiving!

Re: Kate: Love your new blog! But an incorrect URL...

Whoops!! Thank you, Steve, I'll go fix it!
Kate, it's so nice! Especially your eyes above :)
Congratulations on a new gallery, and yes, peace and love on Thanksgiving..
Thank you so much, Solga...I'd forgotten I'd designed this one a couple of years ago! I really have been heading in this direction for a long time...

And happy Thanksgiving to you too!


As I said on your website, congrats all over the place (And you do seem to be all over the place, now). Good thing I just got a Google Reader or I couldn't keep up with you.

I believe it too, Cathy Kate, that when we look back, sometimes, we see clear signs that we were getting ready to move our journey into certain directions. Gives me a tickle when I discover that.
Hi annie--yes, I like it when the universe smiles on my efforts, as if saying "about TIME you got it!." :-)