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September 2013



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A Starving Artists quickie!

Um, maybe I should rephrase that...

We tried out a couple of the buttery suggestions from our blog readers, and thank you! 

First, I tried mixing a stick of inexpensive butter with canola oil, using my old Kitchen Aid mixer, after softening the butter to room temperature for a few hours...EXCELLENT!  I thought I might miss the salt if I thinned it with that much canola (almost an equal amount), but I didn't.  So now less expensive, less saturated fat, fewer calories, and more Omega 6--win/win! 

Of course this needs to be refrigerated, but so does the commercial version--if you leave it out, it gets so soft you need to be careful when you open the tub--a butter tidal wave!  Even with about equal amounts of butter and canola oil, though, once it's well mixed and refrigerated it's just the right consistency to spread.

Then I tried the yogurt mixed into butter, which mixed a little less readily, since yogurt's more watery than butter.  It made kind of a curd-y, fine cottage-cheese texture, but a nice flavor--with a slight whang, as promised.  It reminded me of the butter we used to make when we lived on the farm...

Also less fat, less salt, and fewer calories, but a tad more calcium.  Good too!

Then, since I can never leave well enough alone, I had to mix in some garlic and some herbes de Provence...after letting that sit in the fridge for an hour or so, all I can say is YUM.  I think we'll be taking some to our family Thanksgiving dinner!

So thank you to both correspondents!  You both get a 5-chef's-hat rating!


thanks for the heads up, Natalie, it looks GREAT.


Did you try draining excess moisture out of the yogurt first, by putting it in a coffee filter overnight? That might help it to mix with the fats without curdling.
Thank you, no I didn't! Next time...

I'd forgotten about doing that...I used to make yogurt "cheese" that way, on the farm...