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September 2013



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I am so delighted--I just got my colored pencil drawing from Ann Nemcosky!

Artist Ann Nemcosky has just started a sales blog, here: http://atnemcosky.blogspot.com/ in addition to her regular blog at http://nemcoskyart.blogspot.com/, which I've kept up with for some time. Her work often captures something deliciously fleeting in nature, but one of her first offerings on the new blog was just a must have for me. Guess it's an early Christmas present to myself--a gift of beauty! And a reminder...

Isn't it gorgeous?

It's a colored pencil drawing (though I'd more likely consider it a painting) called "At the Water's Edge," and it so reminds me to look for the small beauties in life...

That's an important concept to me. Often we're in such a huge hurry, or stressed, or distracted, and we miss these tiny gifts. Or we look for the Big Picture, always wanting the sweeping vista, the drama...

But here in Ann's colored pencil drawing is the drama we often are given. Small, intense gifts of beauty...

I come by this appreciation naturally. My first North Light book was called Painting Nature's Details in Watercolor, many years ago...and I still respond most strongly to these tiny bits of magic.

I "met" Ann through Danny Gregory's Everyday Matters group, online...http://groups.yahoo.com/group/everydaymatters/. It's a delightful, worldwide group of artists at all levels of skill or experience, the most encouraging group of people I've encountered. There's no ego or competition rampant, just support and sharing. If you're an artist and you love to draw or keep a journal of your life, and you're not a member yet--consider this your invitation!

As I've mentioned here before, the group came about through Danny's inspiring Everyday Matters book, in which he talks about learning to celebrate the small things in our lives by drawing them.  If you haven't seen it, get hold of a copy!  I've reread my copy several times, given it to friends, and recommended it wherever I go...

And by a happy coincidence, I just heard from Amazon that my copy of his NEW book, An Illustrated Life,
has shipped!  I can't wait!  Life is full of these small pleasures...


What a lovely post! I remember as a child being intrigued by the very tiny flowers that grew among the pebbles in the garden - that no one else seemed to notice. The drawing is beautiful!
Isn't it just fantastic?! And yes, the tiny things always fascinated me...blue-eyed grass, forget-me-nots, even chickweed flowers. Wee tiny mushrooms, little seeds and nuts...minute fossils...

I love your braids! I used to wear my hair like that--now mostly a single braid down the back...
Thank you! I loved my braids too, but they are gone - I recently had a loss of about two thirds of my hair! Eek... but such is life.
Oh no! Sorry!