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September 2013



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Strange things are happening...html-wise!

Sorry, all, I really would LIKE to put part of an entry behind a text cut, but it's simply not working.  Is anyone else having problems?  Is the 'net wonky?  Does someone have a Kate voodoo doll and a stack of html-pins?? ;-P

I tried it with rich text, blocking the section I wanted to hide and then hitting the little "lj-cut text" symbol above this window, and typing in what it was supposed to say--that sentence disappeared entirely but everything after that was suddenly centered instead of left margin, like this!

The other day when I tried it, the first paragraph was cut but the whole rest of the article showed up...despite the fact that in preview it looked just fine.

I tried doing it in .html, the way I used to, and it looked fine then too...but it didn't work.  NO idea why.  (Yes, I looked up the FAQ to make sure I remembered it correctly.  Looked fine.  WEIRD.)

I tried it both ways, rich text and .html, several times.  Nada.  I had graphics in that section, but I thought the whole point was to be able to put graphics behind a cut so that it didn't take too long to download...??

I'm not having any luck lately with the whole "a href=" deal, either.  I actually copied the .html code on an entry that worked correctly last week, and put the one that didn't right next to it--as far as I could tell they were exactly alike, except one worked when I posted the entry, and one didn't. 


I've actually taken to having nightmares about it.  Really.  Two nights in a row, trying to figure out .html in my sleep.

So I'm sorry we're going a bit long, here and there, but nothing I'm doing to help is fixing matters!


Here's the link where LJ says how to do it - http://www.livejournal.com/support/faqbrowse.bml?faqid=75&q=lj-cut

I just type <*lj-cut*>, without the *s, and it seems to work.

I don't mind the long posts - they're well worth it :)
Yep, I went there. It just didn't work for me! Maybe I'll try again...
Well that is SO bizarre. That's exactly what I did the other day, but this time it worked. NO idea what that's about. (The rich text version didn't!)

And thank you again for the help AND the kind words!


I've been convinced for 25 years since working in a factory that all machines are undercover androids plotting to overthrow the human race.
LOL!! I wouldn't be surprised! And honestly, when I played around with it last night, it worked fine. I didn't have anything to SAY, so I deleted it, but....