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September 2013



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OK, you have to admit this is funny!

This isn't the exact package we got (and it's for ancient Oliver, who is, in fact, a cat, and it's more damage control than training!)--now, they appear to have made them "new and improved"!  

OUT! Deluxe Training Pads, 32 pads

The new package we got the other day says "New BEIGE color complements every decor!"

Um. We're talking about pets having accidents on the floor, right? It's really, really hard to coordinate doo-doo with my feng shui, even if brown IS a neutral color!!


Yes, sweet old Oliver IS getting old. We don't actually know how old--we inherited him a few years ago from a dear friend, and she had him 14 years or so, and she was his second owner. His fur is spiky, and his teeth are bad.  He walks slower, and naps more.  We took him to the vet earlier this week, and have him on Lasix now.  He has fluid buildup in his abdomen and we're trying to make him more comfortable.

He's certainly more alert and interested in what's going on around him, so I think it's helping.

We were both very sad about him the other day, having lost far too many fur family members the last few years, but you know, the laugh about the new beige pads complementing our decor just cracked us up!

Oh, my, yes, it's SO much nicer than the blue ones... ;-P

Well, they work, anyway.  Funny old world...


You do have to wonder, a bit...that was really funny, though. The IMPORTANT part of the pad is white. It doesn't really go all that well with the terra-cotta-colored floor, even when it's fresh. :-P

And thank you, sweet thing...he is a lovely old man.
We're definitely not bird people (WAY too many cats) but honest to Pete, if I had a bird as beautiful as The Bean I'd redecorate to match HIM!

Come to think of it, considering how I'm decorating the bathroom next door, he'd fit right in... *G*
That's about right, isn't it! And I LOVE visiting the talking bird out at Y Liquor...he's a beauty, too...
our cockatiel, jude, was "used" when we got him from a friend, whose daughter had gone off to college out of state, and couldn't bring him with. her daughter had gotten him "used", as well, from the shelter she was working in. e. about 13 when we got jude. she is 27, now. i know that cockatiels can live up to 30 years, under the right circumstance. they are the right family for that--the big macaws live so long that they have to be written into the family will...

the nice thing about him is that he is happy in his cage by the picture window. he watches the world go by, talks to the other birds outside, and was buddies with the finches we had. now he is just the grand old man, but one who whistles along with me, talks to himself, insists that he is "such pretty bird", speaks korean, and best of all, he wolf whistles for me. that's validation! even on the worst day, he makes me grin. and, bless him, the cat seems to take no notice of him. the bird was here first, and lint doesn't question that.

and there is something about the juxtaposition of beigeandwhite poo catching pads, decorated with the contrasting "nuggets" that offers its own kind of feng shui... i know there's got to be an accompanying haiku, but danged if i can fish one out for you right now...

oliver cat pad
beige and waiting for yellow rain
lasix is our friend

okay. i'm leaving, now...

Oh, your haiku DID have me laughing right out loud, all by myself! J.'s off at a meeting tonight, and that really hit my funny bone!

OK, maybe the pad and its decorations are self-contained feng shui, but they don't do much for my kitchen!
mentally delete "and" from that second line....one syllable too many for the form, i fear...

what did the chicken say about the bad haiku??
probably something fowl...
Ah, it does flow, now... ;-)

And by the way, Jude sounds great. We go to visit that exceedingly cool bird at the Y Liquor, just so I can talk to it. It will say "here kitty, kitty, kitty," and MEOW, and also wolf whistle. As you say, that's cool in its OWN right!

Ok, this is funny...

Oh, I'm happy to hear Oliver is a bit more comfortable with his meds. Poor fellow. Give him a gentle scratch behind his ears for me.

Super sketch of him, too.

Re: Ok, this is funny...

Thank you, Bonny, I will. He is a sweetie...

That sketch is from last year, the ones I did of him this week just weren't working. One of them may get posted but the other two are awful!



Oh Kate, we gotta laugh - with an old car, two dogs getting old and an old horse I clearly understand, life is too short in all respects. But with laughter, love and TLC we all get thrive.

Re: Understanding

Absolutely! They still bring us so much joy, don't they?
Funny old world and sweet old kitty. That'll do just fine for now.
Yep, it does. Today he feels enough better to have jumped up in the rocking chair, where he's appropriated my winter gloves as a pillow and Joseph's coat as a bed...sweet old boy!
LOL! I like the plaid idea, perfect..

And yes, Oliver's a sweetie, thank you...