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September 2013



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Smelling woodsmoke, missing camping...

...it's nearly winter here--there was frost on the Jeep this morning, and my paint water was frozen! Last night I could smell the smoke from our friend Kevin's woodstove, and it reminded me of so many times, dreaming by a campfire...

And then with the kind of synchronicity that often happens, this evening I stumbled across this photo from my latest North Light book...what lovely memories! Four of the images on that page are from the tripkateslover and I took to the Adirondacks and Poconos 2 years ago--what an amazing trip that was. (Come to think of it, the images from yesterday in my new little slideshow were from that trip as well...)

The tiny teardrop trailer at lower left is one he built himself; we camped all over the Adirondacks in that clever, compact thing! (He calls it a bed on wheels! But it really has a little galley kitchen, too...quite pleasant, if you're close friends or more!)  Here's his album of teardrops (his and others) on Photobucket--http://s63.photobucket.com/albums/h157/JosephRuckman/Teardrops/--and if you're really into teardrop construction, you can poke around and find his sequence of building this one!

I love to paint on the spot, in nature, and I've kept a field journal for over 20 years. I've enjoyed sharing my love for working this way over the years, all over the country, in workshops and seminars, including The Sierra Summit in 2005, in San Francisco. (You can see more about that here: http://www.sierraclub.org/SierraSummit/

There will be a lot more in this blog on working on the spot--materials and supplies, techniques and more...it's a great way to preserve your memories.

A great many of my more recent travels ended up in this book: Creating Nature in Watercolor: An Artist's Guide, new last winter from North Light. Click on the link above to see more...you can even search inside the book, if you like.

(Here's a tip I didn't know till recently--if you hit "surprise me," you can see a lot more images than if you just pick from the ones Amazon lists. Cool!)

I liked what they did with the cover...funny, I'm up to my ears in revising one of my first books I ever did for them, 20 years ago, Watercolor Tricks & Techniques, and I almost forgot some of the work that's in THIS one. Many of the trips were made with [info]kateslover  so you can imagine all the fun we had!  He's great to travel with...willing to explore, and not only willing to stop when I want to sketch, but actually noticed places I hadn't, and asked if I wanted to paint!

Did I ever!  

This year none of our camping trips quite worked out, so I'm really enjoying revisiting the places we went before, in my journals and in the book...



Your books and CDs and blogs and sketchbooks-- cherished memories for you both to relive. And
we can share in them and have the bonus of learning so much.
Taking time to paint or sketch really creates a relationship to place. I remember it SO much better...
gypsy soul+artist's hands=lovely books! i love seeing he world through your eyes and hands. next year--more camping, please, more views for me to drool over!
DEFINITELY more camping, sweet thing! I love waking up to birdsong...