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September 2013



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Vassmer's Road, Winter

This was my demo for the last Art Crawl at Old English Garden Shoppe (http://englishgarden.com) on Friday evening. I tweaked it and finished it at home--notes are on the image in Flickr, so if you're interested, just click on this image and it will take you there!

This is one of the places I return to again and again, winter and summer. I love the views from these hills, and I have many wonderful memories of our years on the farm.

Here is the first journal entry that included the old dairy where I used to buy my milk:

Vassmer's Dairy, plein air watercolor

And this is the same old windblown cedar you see at left in the painting above:

"Winter Cedar" with Muted Primaries

A closeup of the dairy buildings ended up on my recent slideshow on YouTube:

Finished...maybe.  Milk Sheds

You'll see more of the earlier sketches and paintings of this wonderful place here:


Funny how things capture our imaginations, over and over. I can't wait to go back...


You seem to have such abundant creative energy, you're an inspiration! In my next lifetime, I would like to be an artist, please. :o)
I think "hyper" might be the word we're searching for. There's a reason I called my journal the quicksilver workaholic!

And if granting wishes were up to me, I'd let EVERYONE be an artist! I firmly believe there's something creative in all of us, though...
Kate, the top one just made me sigh. SO beautiful -- I just want to put my hands in my jacket pockets and go for a walk up that road.
Linda M
Well, come for a visit, Linda, and we'll go!