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September 2013



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I could use some feedback on my CDs...

I'm working on several new ones (yes, at once and along with everything else! I MUST have A.D.D....oh, look, a birdie!) and I could use your advice.

I've been putting step-by-step photos of paintings and such in a folder marked Demos, planning to use them on future CDs, but now I've done two different styles or types--the ones that have lessons in PDF files, like on this one, which is what we use in my online classes:

...and those that have a slideshow format, like my newest ones, like this:

If you should happen to own both types, (doesn't have to be these specific ones, I've got two different slideshow formats up right now) can you tell me which you prefer, please?

The slideshow ones also have some PDFs, but the main event is images and captions that allow you to see the steps, stop where you want to, and even, I think, zoom in for a closer look.

They're not videos, per se...I need to get better at shooting those to be happy with the quality!  This way, with the slideshows, I can offer a quality product without the amateur hand-held-camera look. ;-)

Anyway--I'm planning to do a couple of new CDs using fewer paintings each, perhaps, to keep the cost low, but illustrated with all the steps and closeups that really let you SEE...

...but which format do you prefer?

People are really liking the new slideshows, I've found, at least if sales on my CafePress store http://www.cafepress.com/cathy_johnson are any indication. (And thank you, if you've ordered from there, or from my website!)  But I'd like to know what direction to go with all this NEW work.

Maybe I should do a poll, but judging from how poorly I've been doing with trying lj-cuts and such lately, maybe not?!?



Here goes, Cathy Kate. Just spent nearly an hour on two of your CDs because I am still Computer Illiterate (O.K., Semi-literate).

I like SHENANDOAH best.

But that is doing the following because I haven't found how to use the other choices on my computer. Maybe these are the ones I even SHOULD use-- haven't a clue-- but these are the ones that work:


2)Then I have everything lined up to click, PDFs.

3)and when I click the Slide Show, MEDIA PLAYER comes on.

I absolutely ADORE the Slide Shows. But I am also glad for the PAUSE button because I can study something in the size that I want it.

The Slide Show is so inspirational, too.
Makes me WANT to get busy.

Thanks, again,
Great, thanks Annie, just the kind of information I need!
That's sort of what I suspected...I'll wait till there's a bit more input, but you confirmed what I'm thinking, thank you!


CD Formats

I have both your PDF and slideshow types and gain a lot from both, but do think I prefer
the slide show best.
Candy Parsons

Re: CD Formats

Thank you, Candy! I wasn't sure if it wasn't just that it's new to ME that I enjoy doing them so much! SHINY!!