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September 2013



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The marketplace is a weird place to go...

...and I'm not sure what exactly drives it!

I did a search for Watercolor Pencil Magic just to see what it's going for, now--I wrote it a few years ago, and it went out of print way too fast. Not too long ago, I found some hopeful soul listing it for over $170! (It's not still listed, so who knows if he actually got it...)

And as you can see, it's still going for quite a bit above the original retail price. Supply and demand in action, I guess!

(Just a note--a lot of folks don't realize the author makes nothing on used book/aftermarket sales, unless we're the ones listing the book, of course. So whether they do or don't go for this hefty prices, no income darkens our door ! )

Recently, I discovered 4 copies of the book in a trunk I hadn't looked in for a while...so I've been putting them up on eBay.

At the original retail price.

Yeah, I guess I don't quite get the whole marketplace thing. I just can't bring myself to add to that kind of inflation, times are hard enough! I have one still up on eBay, item # 350122621621--I sold the other two for a LOT more reasonable prices, and I'm keeping the last one for my own copy.  (The one on eBay ends tomorrow, if you've been shopping for it!)

This was ironic, by the way! The book went out of print just as I was planning an online class on it. SOoooo, suddenly in a bind...I ended up making a CD with even MORE art on it, and added a chapter that had had to be cut from the book, for space reasons.

Somebody wrote me just this morning to ask WHY it was out of print.

Ah dunno.  I wish it weren't.

But the CD is on eBay, too (item #350113926492) and on my website and CafePress stores (links at left, if you want 'em!) for what I think is a reasonable price.  At least I know THOSE will remain in print, 'cause I publish them myself.

I'm not gonna get rich, this way, but I can put information into peoples' hands and get people making art!

(Please don't write and tell me I'm an idiot.  I've heard that before!)


As someone who values instruction and creation more than making a buck, I totally understand. And I thank you for doing it YOUR way!

I found an out-of-print book called "Twilight of Painting" for $27.00 at my art school that is selling used for $80.00 on Amazon! The instructors have some copies and are selling them at retail cost because they want students to LEARN.

Though I understand wanting to get a fair price, supply-and-demand, etc, I really appreciate that others value education above lining their own pockets. It restores my faith in good people.

You're a doll. I knew you'd understand.

The thing is, I have to be able to meet my own eyes in the mirror in the morning, and I can't do that if I feel like I'm gouging. We always eat, we can feed the cats, the house is (relatively) warm, we've got clothes and shoes and music and art supplies, plus a library nearby (not counting our hundreds of books between us!), and there's not a lot more we need.


No way an idiot, CathyKate. I think you are thoughtful, concerned and VERY smart to handle the art instruction as you do.

The CDs are splendid and give poor young students a chance to profit by your work. And the flickr posts are full of free tutorials and comments, by other artists, that are sometimes also tutorials. And then there are the TIPS. I wish I had had access to all of this when I was young (and poor), but of course we didn't have the technology.

With your suggestions, young persons can buy a few watercolors for a limited palette, one brush, pencil and pen, a small sketchbook, and be ready to start studying at a free computer center and from life around them. In time, one of your CDs can be added with that limited budget.

And those of us who can afford to, are going to collect everything by you that we can. We have had the opportunity to learn from all your freebees and know how well your style and perceptions help us.

And you have Russ Stutler to keep you company. I think he has a similar approach with the online instruction that he has started on his website.

Thanks, Annie, you're a doll too! I'm in good company, with Russ--he's terrific.

That IS a lot why I do it. I remember being young and poor, and people helped me along the way. I can do the same, now...
I think you are rich, with the kind of treasure that really counts. :)
Thank you, so do I. Most days, anyway!

Edited at 2008-11-13 04:42 pm (UTC)
I have mentioned it to them before...time marches on, I guess! I'm fairly happy with the CD I did, though I know some people really prefer a book they can hold. Maybe I'll self-publish someday! They gave me back all rights...


Re self-publishing, Vivien Blackburn put out a beautiful book using BLURB. And I guess they are others?
Yes, I've bought a couple of lovely ones from artist friends. Lulu-com does a great job, too. And I think it's LightningSource that prints most of the self-published on demand ones I know of, so I'll check them out too. The problem as I see it is the price of the individual book has to be so high, if it's any length at all, from most of the on-demand printers...guess I'll have to look into it once I finish the one I'm working on now for North Light!
i've published two books through iUniverse and been pleased. It's nice knowing they won't go out of print unless iUniverse goes belly-up. They also have a service called "Back in Print," whereby your book can be scanned and reproduced as a print on demand book. I wonder how well it would do with all the beautiful color illustrations. I plan to use that service when/if I sell the last (next to last) copy of my book that I self published the more difficult way...
I just saw a book they did, and had never heard of them before today! It must be a sign...it was a book that had mentioned a couple of mine, so it was referenced on Amazon. Thanks for the tip!
Might be worth a shot--but I did mention a number of different brands! Thanks for thinking on it!
sent package--see today's post for details. oh, crap.
Oh, you poor baby! I'm SO SORRY. FRUSTRATING.

Here too, of course--no gosling's! But if it means you'll hop in the motorhome and come visit, guess we'll bear up! ;-)