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September 2013



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Danny Gregory's New Book--promo movie! and my new art tip...

Wow, I got this video http://blip.tv/file/1455833 from Danny this morning, talking about his new book, An Illustrated Life--and I'm really honored to be part of this project! (That's me near the start of the video, with the long silver braid, by the way, and one of my journal entries appears on the cover--it's the green one at the bottom.)

I wish I could embed the little video in this post, but it's a javascript and LiveJournal doesn't accept those.  You can get to it via the link above, though! 

I can't wait to get a copy of the book in my hands. What a lot of inspiration here...the video really gives you the feeling of paging through the wonderful art.

I think the book is out from Amazon in December--I've had it on order since March, so obviously you can pre-order! Look for it here: An Illustrated Life: Drawing Inspiration From The Private Sketchbooks Of Artists, Illustrators And Designers


And in other news, I just got art tip #83 up on my website, http://cathyjohnson.info. Better late than never, eh?

This one is about online art groups and how you can benefit from them--and it's pretty timely, since I ended up in Danny's book via his Yahoogroup, Everyday Matters! 

Join us? You'll find it here:  http://groups.yahoo.com/group/everydaymatters/

I've learned a lot and benefited a lot from these groups, pools, and forums--and made some wonderful friendships through online art groups. And as I said in my tip, some become Real Life friendships when people join me for sketchcrawls or we write or call eachother beyond the discussion groups! 

I'm a bit of a loner, but it's GOOD to come out of the studio once in a while--and as the WetCanvas forum says, it's cyber-living for artists. 

Who would have thought that would be possible, a few years ago?  Guess I'm not as much of a dinosaur/Luddite as I thought!


awesome! I had just seen the video, well done!
Thank you, Danny did a great job, didn't he?!
I've waited soooo long for this book! I'm very happy that Danny has finished it now! I've also preorderd it on amazon!

And it's great that you are in this book, too :)
Thank you, I'm pretty excited about it. I love looking at other peoples' sketchbooks!
this looks fabulous! i spotted kate's braid, as well as lots of kate samplings--including the unmistakeable profile of the guy she hangs around with--you know, joe....er...joseph something, wasn't it???

i think this will end up in the sewing room/studio as soon as it comes out. yeah. i can be an art voyeur. much more legal and satisfying than the other kind, i understand!
You've got sharp eyes, my friend!

Yeah, being an art voyeur WORKS! I can't wait...thank God for Flickr and blogs in the meantime...
Congratulations! Looking forward to getting a copy for myself : )
Thank you, it really does look great, doesn't it, Ujwala?!