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September 2013



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January Morning...looking foreward, looking back...

January Morning, originally uploaded by Cathy (Kate) Johnson.

Nearing the end of the second section of the new North Light book, and also to the winter open house at my gallery, so everything seemed to come together to inspire me to work on this piece.

It was from a photo I took last winter, one early morning off my deck...gorgeous but bone-marrow-freezing. Of course we haven't had snow like that yet this year, but we will...and it will be gorgeous.

I loved all the types of water here--frozen, crystalline, reflective, shadowed, icy, rising as steam from the neighbor's early-morning shower...but trying to capture the effect of the rising sun on all this was a real challenge! The variety of blues, the prismatic light in the sky, the values of the near fence, the snowy branches and the neighbor's house...tricky!

I took step-by-step shots that may end up in the book--it was necessary to think it through more than I normally do to plan ahead to preserve whites, suggest the rising steam, lift the show on the bare branches. If you'd like to see the notes on the process, just click on the image, it's in my Flickr album.

Now I think I need another cup of HOT COFFEE!!


we are getting our first real snow, this morning. it looks as though it might stick for a while. hot coffee and a warm cat would be good. have too many tasks right now, though, to it will be coffee on the run, and an afghan on the couch for the old cat...

still haven't mailed that infernal box, but i will! hang in there. i hate that my job has eaten my life. it will get there, though. i promise!

and if your prang box goes mia again, threaten it that you have a source for another one, so it needs to behave. (my mom had several of them in her "stash"...we has our sources, y'know!)
I'm sitting in front of the computer, ostensibly working (though obviously writing you, right now*G*)with a fleece afghan and a little space heater...brrrr!

Don't worry, girl, I'm patient...sort of...;-)

Ooooh, a STASH!!
Brrr! Makes my toes tingle in anticipation.

We are having slushy snowfall here today. Though I love the gradual creeping of winter, a full-on pile of snow is a daunting thought. But your painting is so pretty. That shade of blue-ish snow takes hold of everything here by January. It must be time to dig out my sweaters from their summer storage.
I'm glad I work from home, on days like that! I may still be working at 10:30 p.m., but hey, I'm IN.

I've been switching out the fall clothes for days now! Sweaters rock, fleece is even better!

LOVE your icon...


I do love this, Kate, and have a question on the little branches down in the front. When I've seen this done by other artists it always looks pasted on or like a bad afterthought to take up white space. Yours does not - any special trick to this?

Hi Laure...I'm not really sure, I just placed them logically, allowed some variation in tone, and where they came out of the snow, made a darker shadow so it would make sense. Does that help any?


Yes, thank you!
Oh, good! I wasn't sure what I'd done differently!