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September 2013



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Creating Nature in Watercolor--one of my favorite spreads

I've been balancing between working on the new book and monitoring the one that came out this past winter...this is one of my favorite spreads from that book. (If you click on the image you can see all sizes and get more detail on the painting on the right--it's Nevada's Valley of Fire.)

Since I use a great deal of my work in the form of paintings and sketches and journal entries to illustrate my books--I think that keeps them fresher and more interesting, and perhaps more honest, than merely doing illustrations to fit text--I need to make sure I haven't already used something! I'm checking the newly published book while working on the current one...

Nearing finished with the second section of the new book, updating my 20-year-old Watercolor Tricks and Techniques, and really enjoying the process. I see things a lot differently now, and there are many, many new products to explore!

The most delightful part about the above book is that it allowed me to get out and paint, all over the country. Field sketches, journal work, plein air painting--it was a wonderful experience, and I think North Light managed to capture that joy in the book. It's instructive, yes, but more importantly, my intention to inspire and my own enjoyment shows through, in their design and layout. I was pleased!

And now I'm experimenting with a new possibility on LJ, using an Amazon link...the LJ gurus told me I should be able to do this, so we'll see!

This should take you directly there--Creating Nature in Watercolor: An Artist's Guide

Hmmmm...ok, that wasn't quite what I was aiming for, but it works for now... (someday I'm going to HAVE to learn more about .html...)