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September 2013



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Fall, and focusing again

fall, focusing again, originally uploaded by Cathy (Kate) Johnson.

...sometimes I have to step back and re-focus on the small things that bring me peace. The world IS too much with us, at times, and there has been too much tension, too much angst, anger and lies.

So this morning I took my coffee to the back deck to just stop, to pay attention, to let Nature heal me. As it nearly always does, it worked its magic and I began to come out from under the cloud.

This afternoon I asked J. if he'd like to go to the river with me; the wind was strong and the ancient Missouri slid silently by in its banks, powerful and eternal. The wind seemed to blow the tension out of me, though I fought the painting every step of the way! My waterbrush fell apart, my pencil broke, I got sand in my paint, my paper blew up in my face, washes dried too fast in the gusts of wind, and I felt WONDERFUL.

And while we were there, J. dug through the truck looking for his own painting stuff, and as he reported in his blog, found my peripatetic Prang box--the faeries returned it, just when I needed it!  I swear I'd looked in the truck two or three times, and never even noticed the old Duluth Pack bag...

You can read about that here, in his journal--click on kateslover !



I told ya! Last place.............; )
Man, you must be psychic! ;-)
It's a gift, what can I say? ; )
Wow, you don't need to say much, if it's as accurate as this! You should bottle that!
I'm hoping to be the trusted mystic advisor to Kings! Or, maybe just another bullshitter. ; )
Wait, wait, isn't that the same thing?! Of course the whole mystic advisor to Kings thing might pay better...
Yeah, the market for Snake oil is down. : )
Hon, I don't even WATCH television and I know you must be missing something! Didn't we just go through a campaign season? ;-)
Did we? I must have missed it! ; )

Ok, so I guess I should have said that the market for Snake oil has been monopolized. : )
I believe you're right on the money, AGAIN!! How does he DO it?! ;-P
I understand Congress will be launching an investigation of price gouging by Big Snake Oil...
UH-OH! Keep a low profile, Paul! Maybe Mystic Adviser to Kings is a better gig right now...

God knows they could use it! ;-)