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September 2013



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Repurposed Prang Watercolor box--gone missing!

I don't know about you, but we live with some very mischievous house faeries. I used this box for months, on sketchcrawls and to travel with, then decided that for a while I'd go back to my lightweight folding plastic one with a bit more mixing room.

I LOVE this set. I took out the Prang colors and put in full pans of my own choice. There's room for a couple of brushes and a small sponge, too, as you can see. It's lightweight, handy, versatile, and just plain FUN to be using that old Prang box. I feel like a kid! It's playful...

And it's missing. I swear, I've looked everywhere! I thought I put it someplace logical, so it could be my Jeep set. Or the one for the truck. Or with the knapsack supplies. Or the green messenger bag I decided was a bit heavy, after all. Or my suitcase set...or maybe in by the computer. On the kitchen table?  By the bed?  Or........

Nope. Missing.

Along with my antique pencil box.

Pencil box

And the gorgeous repro of it that Vicky's sweet husband Bill made for me--I was going to photograph them together!

What the faeries want with all this, I don't know, but I hope they get bored and give them back, soon...


I should put this on a milk carton:

Repurposed Prang Watercolor box

Have you seen this child?


kate fwiw my parents house had a "playful" ghost by the name of Captain Jim who would take things all the time. We finally resorted to telling him to "Give it back!" Generally within 30 minutes whatever was missing would be returned to its original place. Worth a shot anyway!

I dunno about Captain Jim (sounds like a pirate!) but I've generally found that the faeries often put something back RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE OF THE FLOOR, when I least expect it. Not sure it would work to order them about....

Wish we had a live-in Brownie, though, willing to neaten things up wihle we slept...
a sea captain and I'm pretty sure he put stuff back in its place just to further piss us off. He was that kind of ghost. I dcould use a ouple of those tidying "sprites" myself!
Those naval types, yep! :-PPP


Do you have knotty pine? Walls made if it, I mean? When I lived at our old home place, things
would disappear that we agreed COULDN'T get lost, and the only thing we could come up with was that the holes in the knotty pine slurped them up like a vacuum cleaner into the 4th Dimension.
Rats, no knotty pine! Just cats, and we usually suspect things of becoming kitty toys. But a watercolor box??
I checked my burglers bag and it's not in there, but then, I'm too lazy to actually burgle, let alone drive all the way up there to. : )

I hope it turns up soon.
That IS a problem, yeah...:-P

I hope so too! I've been looking off and on for days, I'm getting obsessive about it!
Well, one thing is certain, it will be in the very last place you look. : )
: ) I thought you'd like that! : )
I'd like it even better if I'd found the Prang box in the meantime!


Ohhh I know how this eats at you! I am certain they will appear. Sit quietly and ask where it is...then let go of the worry and I bet you will be directed to your missing treasures.
I'll have to try that, thank you Lisa! I did try asking for its return, but nicely...I'll try for patience!


Mischievous Imps!

Yes, we too have the aggravating little imps at our house. What I've found works best it to stand close to where I think the item was last seen, saying loudly so ALL can hear "Oh, well, it will show up --- when it shows up." Then, with a shrug of the shoulders, I go about my day as if I've completely forgotten about it. The faeries know the game is up, get bored and will usually put it back fairly quick - only to snag something else! ; )

It's there. Deep breath, walk away and concentrate on something else and it will appear - promise! ~ Laure

Re: Mischievous Imps!

Thanks, Laure! I just love the way that quite often they give me something back RIGHT in the middle of the floor, where I could not possibly have missed it. I swear I think I can hear giggles!

They also put things there that I haven't thought of in ages, or needed to see whether I knew it or not. An old photo, a journal I hadn't thought of in ages, a letter...we really have a lovely relationship, and I know they must have felt they needed to paint something. ;-P
I hope you find them soon! Pesky imps. We were convinced, when I was at uni, that there was a black hole that ate teaspoons in our kitchen - a bit like the one that eats odd spoons. I sincerely hope that your house has not developed a paint black hole because that would be such a problem!
We're SO predictable here, our black hole mostly eats socks...

Lovely to find the Prang box, which J. did, but so far no dice on the pencil boxes.