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September 2013



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At Creation's Heart...

Autumn Tree, originally uploaded by Cathy (Kate) Johnson.

That was the name of my very first article for Watercolor Magic, in 1999. Since the glorious colors of this season seem to say something about the heart of creation to me, I used this fiery tree in watercolor pencil for this post!

I just heard from Maureen Bloomfield, editor of The Artist's Magazine, who graciously told me I could reprint any of my own articles that have been printed in that magazine, as well as Watercolor Magic/Watercolor Artist, Personal Journaling, Sketchbook, or any of the F&W periodicals that I've been in over the years, with their blessing. (I started with them in 1988!)

Of course I knew I held the copyright on my own work, but I like having everyone on board with it, and aware of what I'm doing. I'm proud of my long association with F&W, including my North Light books, so of course I will say which magazine the longer articles were originally written for. It's a courtesy I'm glad to extend!

I imagine I'll edit some as I publish the articles, though, and they will have new art, for the most part. (Too bad I didn't save copies of all the magazines I've been in! Then I could remember what I used the first time around...)

Unfortunately, most of my earliest articles were lost when my old computer went wonky, and if I can even open them now, they read as some weird gibberish LJ wouldn't even let me put in a post!  It read the symbols as a coding error.  Ah well...lost and gone forever, I guess...

I still haven't decided for certain where to make some of them available--on my website at http://cathyjohnson.info, like my free art tips, here on LJ, on a new blog, a Squiddoo site, or what. I made a PDF of  "At Creation's Heart" that I shared with my alumni students on our Yahoogroup, but not sure where I could put up a PDF article so it would be more widely available! More research is in order...

And of course eventually, as I have time, I'll put together collections on a CD or as a downloadable eBook or some such--maybe all of the above. I'll let you know when that happens--but it won't be till after I finish the latest North Light book, Watercolor Tricks and Techniques...

Interestingly, a lot of people seem to prefer the CDs--that way they don't have an Internet connection to be online, or download from the 'net. No danger of viruses or spam, that way, and they ARE convenient!

At any rate, I'm making progress on that front, and there will be longer articles available soon...thanks for your encouragement, generously shared suggestions, feedback, and patience!


Won't the various publishers have archive/backup copies of your articles and artwork that they could send you - at least for the ones that you have lost? I am sure that they may even have copies of the printed pages that they could send you. As you say, you have copyright and so they must be allowed/able/willing to help you!

They probably do, Natalie, and if I have to I may tap them. They're so shorthanded these days I hate to bug them!
Good point!


That's one of my favorite trees that you've done. No matter how you do those articles, I'll want them all--PDF or CDs or whatever. You are so full of helpful ideas that I just want to slurp them all up.
Thanks, Annie, you're a doll!


Copies of Magazines

Hi Kate,

Do you have the issues that these articles were in? I have all copies of the Sketchbook, Artist's mag since 1990, and most Watercolor Magic. I would be more than happy to dig them out and send you all I have. (Oh, I even have many Personal Journaling as well). Send me a list: npatterson@wildblue.net

They aren't in very good order, so it may take me awhile to locate them. (not a good librarian I'm afraid).

Crivitz, WI

Re: Copies of Magazines

Hi Nancy! I'd be really grateful--looks like everything before 1999 was hosed by my computer, so anything you find would be terrific.

I have all the Watercolor Magic, Drawing Board, and Personal Journaling stuff, but anything before 1999 in The Artist's Magazine appears to be gone.

Let me know what you find, and I'll be more than happy to pay postage! I can scan the articles and OCR them, as Irene suggested...


green tomatoes, and retrieving those lost articles....

Hi Kate,
Love the bit about the green tomatoes, as I have some out in the garden JUST waiting for the freeze. So it's out to the garden for me as soon as I finish here!

As for those articles lost in your gonzo computer, you could probably scan in articles from the magazines using an OCR (Optical Character Recognition) program -- it might be right there in your scanner program -- and with a few tweakings you'd have your article back. If you don't have the articles, still, I'll bet some of your readers have hoarded them away and would send them to you.

Good luck, and thanks again for the tomato recipe!

Hugs, Irene Brady

Re: green tomatoes, and retrieving those lost articles....

Hi Irene! Enjoy the tomatoes!

And yep, I've got OCR software, used it on the updating of the book! I don't have the early magazines any more, but someone has offered to look for them for me. That will be super!