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September 2013



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Computers and I...

...have a typical love/hate relationship!  This has NOT been a great day for the lovey part.

This morning kateslover needed to use my computer, since this is the one with the printer on it.  He used his thumb drive to move the file here from his laptop...normally fine, but this time when he "safely removed hardware"--meaning the thumb drive--he removed the wrong device.  My external hard drive.

No big deal, I just had to shut off the computer and turn it on again so it would re-find the hard drive.  Except I forgot to save the things I'd just scanned, so they all went away when I shut down the computer and had to be re-scanned.

Still, that's the small stuff. 

We went about our business, did our errands, and when I came back I checked a couple of sites...then my computer stopped responding!  First it got agonizingly slow, and then...just stopped.  I turned it off, and turned it back on, via the reset button, since "turn off computer" wasn't accessible.  Still nada.  He suggested I turn it off at the surge protector.  Ooops, that threw HIM offline, too, because that's where the network hookup is.

I was still hosed, however.  Decided to check the mouse...the virtually NEW mouse, only a few months old and yipe, rather expensive.  That was the problem, all right.  He loaned me his wee, inexpensive mouse (which we think is the cause of his carpal tunnel acting up), and all's well here, again.  I can WORK.  Now we need two new mice (or is that mouses?) because his is very stiff.

OK fine.  So I decided now would be a great time to back up all that work I've been doing!  I'd done it a couple of days ago, but still...

Since I'd had to shut down the computer manually, of course, both documents disappeared, but were in my backup file.  I dug them up, and got ready to rename them and file them in the folder where they belong, for the new book.

Mouse was stiff, and I wasn't used to how it worked.  ZAP, the folder went away!  (As in the folder with the whole book project in it.)  Not in the recycle, not in adjacent folders (sometimes I drag things where they don't belong, because I type too fast and double click at lightning speed) and the initial search turned up "invalid path ."  GAAAAAAAAAAAAH...but I knew it was there, so I tried a couple of other file names I knew.

At last.  Found 'em.  Back to square one and grateful to be there! I backed up the files, QUICKLY, and now I'm back to work...

Of course, now it's nearly 4:30 in the afternoon...

I love my computer, I love my computer, I love my computer...


computers are our friends! yeah, sure they are.... LOL
Can't live with 'em, can't live without 'em!
Chuckle... I TOTALLY relate to this! Such a relief to find the old stuff buried somewhere in la la land.

OH yeah. I knew I'd backed this stuff up a few days ago, but I don't want to lose any MORE work!


Since I seem to STAY Computer Illiterate, this is how most of my days go, so I sure do feel for ya! I've been told to get BACK UPS for some years, but sheeesh, I can't even GO FORWARD... :)
LOL! Yep, some days are like that!
Thanks, Natalie! Everything behaved itself today, and J. bought me a new mousie!