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September 2013



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Starving Artists in the Kitchen--on its way to a theatre near you!

cockaleekie, originally uploaded by Cathy (Kate) Johnson.

Cockaleekie soup is a very old recipe for chicken and leek soup--delicious! It'll be the first entry in our new series, "Starving Artists in the Kitchen", we just haven't settled on a home for it yet.

Here in my LJ, in a new one that's just food-oriented that we both post to, on Wordpress, where?! J. and I both enjoy cooking, and we're both health-and-economy conscious, so that will be the focus. Great food at great prices!

Even if it's a bit of a pricey entree', our offerings will still be very much LESS expensive if you make it yourself rather than going out for crab cakes, Caesar salad, or the like.

Anyway, my "50 ways to use a chicken" mindset will get a workout!

We'll give hints on buying and storing food as well...

He's retired, I'm a self-employed artist, so you KNOW we're frugal...

...to a point. ;-P


I've actually written or co-written a few cookbooks, including the 1989 Wild Foods Cookbook for Viking Penguin/Stephen Green Press and the Fort Osage Cookbook of historical recipes, but this will be a different, more up-to-date focus.  As up-to-date as something as old as cockaleekie soup can be, anyway!



Post them on your LJ account, and just tag it with the new series title? :)
That's what J. says, but I want him to be able to post directly to the new blog. I was checking on what's involved in getting a second blog (don't you have one for your knitting stuff?) but not sure...
I have about seven livejournals. I've lost track/count lol. You can just sign up for another one.

A better idea, though, would be if you create a community and make the settings so that only you and J can post (but others can join/comment). I have a couple of those as well!
Why's that better? Oh, so we both can post, you mean?
My knitting blog is on Blogger (google's application), but I hear that Wordpress is actually better.
Yep, I've had some issues with Blogger; I've got a couple of friends who use Wordpress, and theirs look elegant! I'm wondering if you can do javascript there, or links from Amazon books like you can on Blogger...
Om nom!

*looks forward to reading recipes and seeing if they convert to wheat- and dairy-free*

*decides that breakfast might be a good idea*
Hmmm... do you know of a wheat-free substitute for bread crumbs? Kinda hard to make crab cakes without them, although now that I think about it, cornbread not only should work but might actually taste better!
tried panko flakes? they are japanese. i'm not sure about the wheat-free--maybe rice-based--but they are great for breading fish, etc--nice and crunchy!
That might be good too. Cornbread would definitely add its own flavor, which may or may not be a good thing. katequicksilvr suggested rice cakes but somehow crab cakes made with organic Styrofoam doesn't quite seem to cut it.
RICE CRISPIES!!! Yummmmmm...I used to bread with those, back in the day, and they're wonderful...
We don't have many japanese markets in town. ;-) We'll have to look in the small exotics section of our grocer's!
or i'll send a care package... i keep panko in the kitchen. it is good for fish! otherwise, for fish i use a 50/50 mix of cornmeal and flour for dredging. it works, too. makes a nice, golden crust. might work on its own, without the flour for wheat avoidance...
We've tried to cut out flour, cornmeal, etc., but OH I miss cornbread. I've broken down and used flour and bread crumbs on fried green tomatoes, though!

And you SWEETIE!

Edited at 2008-10-22 05:14 pm (UTC)
cornbread never makes it to the "stale-break-it-down" stage at our house. hubby breaks it up into a bowl, puts a little milk and sugar on it, and uses it for cereal. if i want any leftovers, i have to hide them...
Yah, I was brought up on cornbread that way, too...I miss it! (Except I didn't use sugar, just cold milk. NOM!)
I could make bread-crumbs from my store-bought dairy-free and gluten-free bread, I guess... ;-p
I tend to use dairy-free margarine/spread instead of butter and soy or rice milk instead of dairy milk. I use other flour plus xantham gum (which acts as the gluten substitute) instead of wheat flour (potato, soy, rice, sorghum, etc.).

I tend to just take a recipe as written and ring the changes - many times it works perfectly but a few times it will come out all wrong - them's the shakes!

Also, please don't feel you have to change how you cook things for this new blog - I just like to get new ideas of things to try to adapt!
We'll keep that in mind...I know a LOT of people with wheat allergies, and we actually avoid dairy, often. I plan to offer alternatives with some of the ingredients, and it'll be fun trying out new things!
(see above)

please don't feel you have to change how you cook things for this new blog

As it is, the special ingredients can get very expensive and so you just cook it how you would cook t and let me do the experimentation, maybe! ;-p

Edited at 2008-10-22 09:56 pm (UTC)
You've got the job, girlfriend! Actually, I was mainly going to suggest possible alternatives. I don't do soy, except soy sauce which I can't seem to live without, so wouldn't actually field test soy milk.


That chicken looks yummy so WHEREVER you put this Starving Artists, I can't wait to see it.
Thanks, Annie! It really was good...we just finished the last of it.
This is another area of interest that we have in common, Miss Kate! I guess we both knew it, but your latest post really underscores that fact for me. I'm so looking forward to this new project and I'm sure you and J are going to have such fun working together on it! I'd seen that wild foods cookbook way before I knew you!!! Congratulations on all of your many accomplishments!
I love working with him--we had such a great day in the kitchen the other day, off and on around all our other work. I love his cooking, he loves mine, and sharing it with our friends is going to be a ball.

And thank you, sweetie...the wild foods cookbook IS pretty. (It was a publishing nightmare, canceled after I finished the manuscript by my original publisher when they fired my editor, did away with all her projects, and reorganized from the ground up. Took me a couple of years to find another publisher for all that work, and then it was a bit behind the curve, I think.)

I used to like to go to friends' houses to cook for them, after Harris died, to keep my hand in--big meals and small, just because it's fun to cook for an appreciative bunch of eaters! I used to fix one dinner a week for my buddy Patti, after she got home from work...we had a great time.

And yep, I figured we had that in common as well, after you sent me the deviled eggs cookbook, and the link to the article on cooking that you were in!

Edited at 2008-10-23 08:51 pm (UTC)


cock-a-leekie soup

Do you know that a version of this classic includes a prune in the bottom of each serving? of course it turns into a plum in the hot broth. Very tasty!

Re: cock-a-leekie soup

Yep, I did--Talleyrand suggested removing it, by the late 18th C., but earlier versions left it in. We're going to try it!