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September 2013



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Taking care of business...

...and about time, too! I have two separate eBay stores, my original one called Katestreasures, and my store for art-related things--paintings, drawings, sketches, CDs, books and so forth. I had some of the CDs up in Katestreasures, but not for a LONG time, and it occurred to me that I desperately needed to bring it up to date! I don't want to duplicate the two sites, but since I already was offering some of the CDs, it seemed like the new ones should be there too...

Since I listed things at my original location, I've done the Watercolor Basics CD, both the Drawing & Sketching and the Watercolor Workshop CDs (these two based on my online classes, with the same lessons we use there), the Watercolor Pencil Workshop CD, and the two new ones, the Plein Air Workshop and the Ink & Wash Workshop.

I am just a tad remiss in seeing to the details!

patchwork_prose and I were chatting back and forth the other day about how we both love the actual creative process, but taking care of updating and business concerns takes a back seat. A far, far distant back seat, sometimes! (By the way, do check out her links to her CafePress store, she's got a great eye!)

Funny how often artists are all about the creative end of things, but carry-through is like pulling teeth. I designed greeting cards several years ago and got them up in my CafePress store, but that is as far as I got with them. I LOVED designing them...but marketing them? Um. I end up sending out my own cards to people!

I used to joke about not having been born with a left brain at all, but in truth--at least according to the tests!--I'm fairly well balanced between the creative, intuitive right brain and the more logical, businesslike and efficient left. If I keep telling myself that, maybe I'll believe it!

I've been collecting vintage and second-hand and Army surplus field bags for years, too--can't seem to pass them up, whether I need them or not, because I know they'd be perfect for SOMEONE.  Got some of those up on eBay, finally, too--I've only been meaning to for 3 years now!

This one's an amazing black canvas Army surplus bag we picked up in the Adirondacks--more pockets than a herd of kangaroos!

Anyway, a small step, today, towards taking care of business...

(You can find the links to my stores in the links list at the left on my LiveJournal page.)