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September 2013



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Backyard Camping and Frizze' Wine...

kateslover has already regaled our friends with tales of our bathroom rehab, though I'm sure I'll have my own bits to add as we go along...the photos on his journal tell a lot.  It has been both better and worse than we'd hoped, as rehabs often go...it will take longer, and although they did reinstall the toilet and we still have the old lavatory in there, there's no tub or shower, for now, and there's a honking great hole in the floor. 

OK, it's not that big, but its large enough that we have to keep the cats out of the bathroom for now.  There's a bit of a breeze from the crawl space, too.  NO idea why they didn't cut the new patch to meet the WALL, or extend the new 2 x 4s to support it?!?  I know, picky, picky, picky...

The wall behind the tub has to be redone, as I figured it would, and the floor will be replaced...that too will take more time.

While the toilet was sitting in the bedroom (the plumbers were astounded that we have, count 'em, ONE bathroom and ONE bedroom.  Feature that, how primitive...) we had an outhouse, just like the old days.  It doubles as the garden shed, above, with J's little camping toilet installed inside for modesty.  Happily, that lasted only one morning!

Camping at home is interesting.  We sat by the chiminea till full dark, "dreaming the fire," as Colin Fletcher said.  And I must say, bathing in the dark with a bucket, a bar of soap, and a big towel was a rather romantic adventure, calling for spotting for one another, as well as gratitude for the lovely new privacy fence around Fort Ruckman, a warm night, and stars overhead!  Then we broke open the wine I bought on sale the other day.  It's called Frizze', and yes, I AM a philistine, but I love it!  It's bubbly and white and it tastes a little like cheap champagne. 

Or Annie Greensprings, take your pick. ;-) 

J's having Merlot, he is ever so much more civilized than I am.  Hey, more Frizze' for me!  At just over $2 a bottle it is imminently affordable. So shoot me, my palette is ineducable and I always did have simple tastes!


you gotta love "the little back house", for so many reasons.

"there was an absent minded carpenter frum Dunning,
who specialized in outdoor plumbing:
cut a moon in the seat,
a hole in the door,
and went on his way, a-humming..."

hope you get back inside before the snow flies!
I'm glad he didn't build our shed!

And I hope we do too...it was unseasonably warm after dark last night, and we were all warm from the chiminea, too, but I don't think we can count on that continuing. ;-P